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  1. Nothing really particular. I know there's a lot of fakes out there and just wanted to make sure
  2. Can someone please tell me if this 910 is Fake!!! Thank you!!!
  3. Anybody have dealt with him? Has a bunch of good stuff at a decent price, just wanna make sure hes legit Thanks Joey C
  4. [quote name='JoJoTireman' timestamp='1355709415' post='6078687'] hey what material are the slazenger pants? Dri-Fit Stuff or a cotton mix? [/quote] Pm sent They are dri fit material
  5. [b]Adidas Clima Proof Vest[/b][b] AND Adidas Clima Lite Golf Polo[/b] [b]SOLD!!![/b]
  6. Hey GOLFWRX. Got some Brand New stuff for sale. Some with tags, some without tags but all are BRAND NEW!!! If you would like to see more pics, just PM me and i'll take whatever you like. Thanks for lookin!!! 1. Nike Dri Fit Pants Size - 34/32 Condition - BNWT Retail - $85 Price - $60 Shipped $50 Shipped 3. Nike Dri Fit Vest (has Corvallis best ball patch on it) Size - Large Condition - BNWOT (won it at an outing) Price - $20 Shipped $15 Shipped
  7. [quote name='PZero' timestamp='1353731702' post='5971593'] [quote name='JoEY C' timestamp='1353731302' post='5971567'] At my weight im a Large so i run into inseams being 34 which are huge on me. Hoping to get some good answers off this topic Thanks again [/quote] My dad got a pair of large FJ lightweight rain pants and had them hem them 2". Those pants have a velcro closure at the bottom instead of a zipper, so that might be an easier hem. [/quote] Thanks. Might have to look into pants that dont have zippers but from all the ones ive seen at GG, GS, ect, they all have zippers ?
  8. At my weight im a Large so i run into inseams being 34 which are huge on me. Hoping to get some good answers off this topic Thanks again
  9. This is for all the short guys. Im 5'7 185 and in the market for rain pants buttt my problem is my inseam is around 27/28 and no company makes them that short and i cant get them hemmed because of the zipper on the bottom legs on all of them. So my question is what do you guys do?
  10. Whats up guys. I just have a quick question on cleaning Bettis. I currently have a Scotty Laguna and i clean it with soap and water, then baby oil on it after each round so it doesnt rust. I just picked up my first Betti BB27 and was wondering should i do the same to keep it from rusting or are they different finishes? Thanks
  11. Both items are BNWT. Took the tags off once i recieved and never got to wear them 1. Adidas ClimaLite Polo SZ Medium Brand New W/O Tags PRICE - $25 Shipped $20 Shipped 2. Adidas ClimaProof Vest SZ Large Brand New W/O Tags PRICE - $40 Shipped $35 Shipped
  12. For me it is without a doubt G15's
  13. If these were a 42 id be all over them. Most comfy shoe ever GLWS
  14. I Believe the only free upgraded shaft are the standard AWT and the upgraded CFS
  15. Well after only 1 1/2 years my garmin approch G5 is done. Keeps acting up. Wont turn on, when its on it turns off, calibration screen always pops up, ect ect ect. Talk to garmin and they emailed me how to reset the whole Approach and nothing seems to fix my problem. So considering its not in warranty anymore its a $99 fee and they will send me a refurbished one. Has anyone else had this problem at all? Also, is it worth spending $100 on a refurbished one or should i purchase something else new (g3,g5,g6)?
  16. Anybody know how the conditions held up on the other course after the Barclays? Red, yellow, ect?
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