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  1. Up for sale! Selling my entire bag and would let it all go for $1000 shipped if someone wanted the whole set! I have some Vokey SM5 chrome wedges, 54M, 60L but I don't think I'll get but $100 for both. I'll throw them in along with a Ping Hoofer (Texas State) bag if someone wants the whole set. I just don't have the time to play at all anymore and need to sell these clubs that have been sitting here for a while. I'll also include a Nikon blue/white rangefinder that works wonders and two spinner shafts, one is standard wedge and one is wedge+. Nike TW Vapor Driver - Diamana BB 73 stiff -
  2. It's a good club IMHO. I went from that to the TW and it's very similar but with a fixed hosel and not adjustable. I was a bit optimistic to switch but now I'm driving the ball very well. Good luck!
  3. You'll want another set. I've tried all the newest gear since selling my stuff a while back and I had to go back to them. I've had some of my best ball striking with these irons, I just feel at home with them.
  4. I play Mizuno irons but Titleist everything else. I honestly don't know if I could play Titleist irons just because the feel I get with Mizuno is so good and I really do well with their grinds. Definitely not saying one is better than the other, but I just lean more towards Mizuno irons all day everyday. Titleist woods are absolutely amazing imho and I've had great success since the 909 days.
  5. This looks like a perfect compliment to the MP-64 iron with that shape of the muscle cavity.
  6. So, I've made a few changes.... In three weeks I've done damage in the 3 wood department. I've gone from the Vapor Flex, Mizuno JPX 850, M1, and now, 915Fd. With my wedges, I changed up from the SM5 50, 54, 60 and just gone to 54, 60. I changed up my grinds a little as well. I originally had the 54/S and 60M but went to a 54/M and a 60/L. By changing my set up, it has really improved my short game and I have much more confidence hitting my shots. Although I am still getting adjusted to them, I am hitting much better through impact and feel more comfortable on my full shots as well with both
  7. Basically my entire bag, minus the 910H. I started back up with the MP 64 irons and S5 wedges. I added the TW driver and then the VRs hybrid. Just picked up the Cameron and the M1 fairway this week!
  8. I've really gotta try these out it seems. I am going to wait before I purchase one of these until the M2 drops, which will be tomorrow. The way I am hitting the M1 3 wood, it looks promising to possibly have only my second TMAG club in the bag EVER!
  9. Anyone gaming the driver, fairway woods, or hybrids here that are just in love? Just picked up the 3 wood stock and love it.
  10. Anyone else gaming the 2016 line? I'm about to test the 1 and the 8 today to see how they stack up against the SS2.
  11. VRS hybrid. They actually sit a touch open and have a nice profile imho. I actually picked up one brand new and put a motore speeder in it and it is absolutely fantastic. I never got on with the adjustable heads, they all felt dead to me and I like to have more a hotter feel off the face, similar to a wood.
  12. MP-15 wins for me on this one. I'd even try and find a set of 64's if you can, even softer than the 15's and play the same. I had the 15's and they were great, really solid clubs and a great improvement over the 58/58's in feel.
  13. Yeah, seriously. Luke needs to get back to his strength: wedge play The hat is a bit strange seeing, I'd rather him be with no hat lol... I too hope he can get his wedge and iron game sharp so he can grab another win soon!
  14. 1. Club Sponsor - Titleist - 915D3, 913F (3,5), 009 Cameron putter, cold forged wedges, ProV1, but with Mizuno irons. 2. Apparel - RLX, FJ DNA shoes Off course: NetJets JW Marriott Mini Samsung Guinness
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