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  1. Why no shipping to . I can’t find this putter up here. I’m sure we can up with some sort of arrangement. Thanks Mark
  2. If you willing to ship to Alberta, Canada I will take it. Please PM if interested. And you can keep the shaft. Thanks
  3. A fellow lefty here, I was thinking of doing this same conversion. Please let me know who you uses and price thanks Mark
  4. I think I have looked at this post 1099 times. Please take some new pictures I have worn all these ones out. Such a beauty flat stick.
  5. I’m a 2.7 handicap and I love my 5 hybrid. I can hit a 5 iron but much more consistent with the hybrid. It flys high and lands soft. I think as long as you have the adjustability so club face doesn’t look closed. I carry a 3,4,5 hybrid all titleist 915s. And I can always punch out from the trees with a 6. Hahahaha.
  6. You just wrecked my whole day.... now I have to come back to this ad at least every 5 mins to see if it sold. This putter is outstanding !!! Love the B.A stamping !!
  7. These are soooo sweet. The CAD is slowly getting better. Please someone buy these so I don't come and view them 200 times a day !!
  8. I'm in Canada as well and I'm very interested in this flat stick
  9. Would you consider just selling just the heads? Reason being I like they would be cheaper to ship to Canada. Send me your thoughts. Thanks Mark murphy
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