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  1. 6ft even -- I play with + 1/2" in short/mid and +1/4" in the longer irons. If you just do a wrist-to-floor measurement, it would say I fit into standard. But I have wide shoulders, so when my hands come together at address they sit a bit higher, and the extra length in the shorter irons just feels more comfortable. First really noticed the problem when I bought my first sand wedge -- always felt like I was hunching over to hit it. Broke the shaft at some point, and when I mentioned it to the repair guy, he put the new shaft in at +1/2" -- all my irons have been over
  2. I'm just getting back into playing after 4 years and surgery on both shoulders -- for me, just getting into a shaft that didn't make me work as hard was the solution. I had also decided to get new irons altogether, since my old ones are around 15 years old, and I went in thinking that one of the better graphite shafts might be the solution. But the biggest difference I noticed during the fitting was going to a lighter, slightly softer steel shaft was all I really needed. Went from PX 6.0 to the Modus 105 Stiff and my iron shots improved dramatically. Those 6.0's were always just a bit too
  3. Same here. Part of it is probably just due to not having as much extra time to just sit and watch a tournament, but the other part is that it's gotten too monotonous. For example, take a par 4 with a back right hole location, bunker front right, with most players about a 6-iron from the hole (back in the day). You couldn't fly it back there and hold the green, so the better putters might take a 6 or 7 iron to the middle and try to make a longer putt, or the better iron players might try to fade in a 5-iron to get it closer to the hole. Either way, there was more strategy involve
  4. Original forums had "recent activity" tab -- could just click on it and see all the most recent posts. Found something similar in "unread content", but sometimes it's not able to go to the most recent activity -- it just shows the "newest" content from when I last logged on a few days prior.
  5. I like that you get a free Amazon gift card with every 25 posts. Oh, and that there's a reply button at the top of the page instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom every time.
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