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  1. For sale: Titleist 716 MB Irons 3-PW Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts Excellent condition - Please feel free to PM if you'd like to see better pics, I can text them to you Standard L/L/L Newish (2 weeks old) Tour Velvet grips (round, logo down) Not a lot of rounds on these irons, no browning, no face wear and very minimal bag wear on the backs. Hopefully these pics are good, if not, let me know and i'll send additional. $675 shipped to you - I'm in Canada but use UPS ground for shipping. Under 5 business days to most US destinations and no border issues to speak of. If you are in Canada and interested, PM me and we can work out a price (shipping will be cheaper in Canada). Thanks for looking.
  2. Another vote for Ping Tour 65. I bought a 410 LST last spring (9* Tour 65 X) and it was excellent. Did some reading on here and plenty of people love the Tour 65. I said it in another thread but I really think Ping puts a lot of effort in to their stock shaft and it shows.
  3. Same experience here for me with the G410 LST. Bought it with the Tour 65 X last spring and kept thinking there was something better out there. There wasn't... I really do think Ping puts a lot of effort into their "stock" shafts and the G410 LST / Tour 65 x combo was a winner for me.
  4. I tried to come up with a pithy title but I just couldn't so here's the goods... For sale: Wood Bros. Texan 10* driver for sale Brunswick Precision stepped 7.5 shaft New lamkin cord grip I do have an old Wood Bros. sock headcover I will include (not pictured) I've tried to get as close up as I could with the pictures. The driver is not mint by any stretch but is very playable and still looks great at address. A few minor marks in the clear coat which could be fixed up with a little TLC. As you can see from the pics, it has been re-shafted. The job was good and the whipping looks great. Don't be afraid of the shaft, it doesn't play nearly as stiff as you'd think. I play a standard Ping 65g X in my 410 and have no trouble with this one at all. I bought it with intention of using it more but it just hasn't panned out. Hoping to pass it on to someone who will give it the love and play it deserves. I'm a bit fuzzy on what to ask and frankly if I can't get what I want out of it, i'll just keep it as they are becoming increasingly hard to find. $300 obo SOLD - shipped and paypal'd from Canada. I will ship via ExpressPost which is fast, trackable and reliable crossing to the USA. I honestly don't really know how the feedback works anymore on here but i've done plenty of business over the 15 years i've been a member. If you want additional pics, send me a PM and i'll text them to you when I get home from work today.
  5. Sent you a PM - Hopefully you receive it. If not, post here and we'll figure out another way
  6. For sale: Titleist 690.CB Forged irons 3-PW Shafted - 2 iron head only Satin Project X 6.5 Shafts - Appear to be factory installed (I purchased these used so I don't know for sure, but the ferrules look factory) - As you can see, the 3 iron shaft has the flex label on it. These are the satin version that has the sticker (not silkscreened like the very first ones were). Specs are as follows - +1/4" Length (5 iron measures 38.25" to line under grip cap) / Lie appears to be 2* Upright (obviously guessing as I don't have a machine but they are definitely a shade upright) Golf Pride Tour Velvet cord grips - Still usable, I gave them a good scrub with dish soap and a toothbrush yesterday I've tried to get the best pics I can indoors. NO browning or rusting, very little wear overall. I won't rate them, i'll let the pics speak for themselves. If you want any more pics, please reach out. Not sure what to ask on these, please shoot me a PM if you are interested.$SOLD. Would prefer to sell in Canada to cut down on shipping costs if I can but if you are in the USA and want to buy, I'll ship UPS standard w/ tracking and you'll have in 3-5 business days (last thing I sold arrived in 4 business days without issue). Thanks for looking
  7. Wow...what a read this thread has been. So many memories and familiar names posting, I had forgotten so much of what went on back there at BSG. Former BSG mod (what a mistake that turned out to be) and early-ish member (june 2005) of WRX. It's pretty incredible to see not only what WRX has become but how it's evolved and the staying power it has. I don't post much anymore but still enjoy reading the threads and scrolling the BST. Pretty cool community here and it's all thanks to a few fellas that made the leap and never looked back.
  8. Ping G400 LST 8.5* - Went too high - SOLD Taylormade R510 TP - Too old - Kept but didn't play it Titleist 917 D3 - Gamer - Kept but still trying others Cobra F9 - SOLD Taylormade M3 440 - SOLD Taylormade M3 460 - SOLD Cobra F9 (again) - Still hated it - SOLD All the while kept going back to the 917 D3...Finally at the end of the season picked up an M5 on the cheap so we'll possibly give that a try next spring (if i don't sell it first). Like everyone else, I keep searching for a few extra yards but quickly realize I am possibly losing the control that the 917 D3 gives me. It's a sad sickness...
  9. For sale: Cobra F9 Speedback Driver 10.5* Loft Project X Evenflow White T1100 65g X (6.5) Flex 45" playing length (see pic) / D4 Swingweight on my scale (see pic) Returned - no longer for sale Taylormade 300 Forged Irons 3-PW Rifle Flighted 6.5 Shafts Std length - Lie/loft seem accurate but I haven't had them measured Condition is good - Some face wear on PW and 7 iron but nothing crazy. Rest of set is nice, definitely show their age but no unusual wear. Brand New MCC +4 grips - Like literally have not played them since the grips went on There is a serial on the 5 iron, but I have no idea what that means. They feel great and IMO stand up against most modern irons for feel. Again, not sure what is fair for these...how about **$175?** - Feel free to make offer Anyway, i'm in Canada so shipping will be by Express Post if you are in the USA. Shipping via ExpressPost is decently quick and there are no border issues. If you are in Canada, shipping will be by regular parcel, if you'd like Express Post, we'll have to figure something out. Thanks for looking!
  10. For sale: Nike VR Pro blades DGS300 shafts - stock Nike TV grips Excellent condition - had to take pics inside but I did my best to capture everything as close up as I could. STD specs length / lie / loft $400 shipped / paypal’d in Canada - Can negotiate US shipping. I prefer to use Express Post, it’s fast and reliable to the US but is a bit pricey. Please PM for more info. Thanks for looking.! SOLD! [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/p9/yzne4d74xx8m.jpeg "")
  11. Funny, I just bought a set of 53s on Kijiji today. Very minty condition (don't look to have more than 30 rounds on them) w/ KBS Tour stiffs. Can't wait to give them a go tonight, absolutely great looking irons. Congrats on the purchase OP!
  12. Good for you OP, I think that's awesome. I put together a "vintage" set this winter. 80's Titleist Tour Model irons, Wood Bros. Texan driver, Cleveland 485 woods and even bought some balatas off the 'bay. Played one round so far, absolutely loved hitting the woods. Play what you want to play, it's about the enjoyment, not the score or playing what's new or cool. I'm currently hunting for a decent modern ball that I can buy that will work well with persimmon.
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