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  1. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE Manchester Lane Facility 2. City and State? Yarmouth, MA 5. Handicap? 1.3 4. Current Driver Setup? Taylormade M4 Tour Issue, 9.5*, Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 60TX. I have used this club for the past three years, having gone down in weight and flex (formerly Speeder 7.2 in M2) and have found it to be easy to hit, but it can be difficult to control directionally, as well as trajectory-wise. I hit fairways with some frequency, but feel recently as I'm guiding or ste
  2. I finally got my new set of 921T out on the course yesterday. They're 1/2" long, one degree upright, with B weight heads and Modus 120x, hard-stepped. They exceeded my expectations in the areas of looks, feel and forgiveness. I feel like the club head is far more stable at impact as compared to my MP-15, so that slight mishits still traveled as true and as high as a well-struck shot. I think the sole and design also gets through the turf much better for my motion, which can get steep at times. I also have always liked a slightly boxier, thicker blade (Titleist 670, hel
  3. I received my 921T today and got them on an indoor launch monitor tonight for about an hour. Coming from MP-15, I was really pleased with how much more forgiving they were. I think I gained a few yards with each club, but likely more due to a better strike and an improved shaft for my swing (Modus 120 vs KBS Tour). I was surprised that the fitter suggested hard stepping them, as he said they will then play true to flex when ordered +0.50”, but they certainly felt right when I was hitting them this evening. Question: on the spec sheet it said swingweight was “optimal” or s
  4. My set (921T) was ordered on 9/8 and I just got the notification they will arrive tomorrow.
  5. I got fit for the 921 Tours a week ago and was pleasantly surprised by how forgiving they were. The head felt very stable on off-center hits, and the trajectory on slight misses were fantastic. Coming from the MP-15, which I've used for the past five years, I was impressed that they felt more solid, more forgiving and more penetrating in flight. I had never hit any in the Modus line, but the 120x was fantastic - a vast improvement for my swing over the KBS 130x I'd used previously. I also appreciate that Mizuno offers all this stuff gratis. I got them a half-inch long, one degree u
  6. What an absolute delight to see tournament pics again. Thinking about golf clubs while on conference calls — a much needed bit of normalcy injected back in my day.
  7. Thanks a million. I see they’re also for sale on Golf Discount. In my mind it’s the perfect bag, so I’m thrilled they reissued it (again?).
  8. Can you tell me a bit more about how you found it and where you placed the order? I have an L8 from the first time they reissued it several years ago and have been searching high and low for more.
  9. YesTM M4 with Tensei White 60 TX (tour head, purchased late one night on eBay or this forum - not that I can’t remember)I’m excited about the idea of increased forgiveness with additional ball speed; I’ve played TM drivers for the past six or seven yearsI’m happy to share my experience and have been told I’m a decent writer, though my write up may make it sound like I didn’t mishit a ball once
  10. Updates: M3 sold. Price drop on the sunglasses. Mookie Betts is the best player in baseball.
  11. Friends, I bought these two Taylormade heads on here thinking I'd just blindly make the switch. Not bright. I'm selling these at what I paid. M4 10.5* Head Only: $Sold Hit only a few times. There's a little nick behind the neck from the previous seller, which can't be seen at address, and a few tee ghosts on the face (toward the toe - I'm working on it), but otherwise it's completely clean. If you're wondering about the Twist FaceTM, let me tell you brother (sister?), it is real, and it is fun. I just like the Tour Issue 2016 M2 I have, and the funds I expended on these two heads sho
  12. Without a driver in the bag he was one of the best ams in New England. Now with the war hammer, he’s one of the best ams in the country.
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