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  1. One item available today. Looking to move this 2019 Cameron Phantom X 5.5, 35 inches, stock everything. Comes with the square headcover because Golf Galaxy sent it instead of the round mallet cover. Looking for $275 OBRO shipped CONUS.
  2. 1 items left today, all prices are OBRO shipped CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions. 1) Tour Issue Taylormade M4 Driver: Lie 59.7*, Loft 9.4*, Face Angle 1.8*, Weight 196g. Great shape, a few marks from a rubber tee on the sole, should easily rub off. There is very light scuffing on the crown between the center and toe, I did me best to capture it in the 3rd photo, but you aren't going to see it at address. Spec sticker is the 5th photo. Includes pictured headcover. Looking for $170 $160. SOLD 2) Titleist 818H2 21* w/ the Tensei Pro White 100 X-Flex. Great shape for its age, all original from Titleist, plays 40 inches. Includes headcover and both the neutral and draw/fade 14 grams weights. Looking for $85. SOLD 3) Last up is a Tensei CK Pro Blue 80TX, shaft has been tipped 1 inch and has a G410 tip on it. Plays 43 inches in a G410/425 fairway. Looking for $150 $140.
  3. Gotta say that the 2021 Apex Pro 3 hybrid with a Ventus Black 10, has been the most surprising. I have ever had a hybrid that is this consistent, it’s surpassed my old 818 h2 in every way, and I never thought I would find anything better than that.
  4. Partially staying with last year, partially something new. Replacing my M4 Driver with a SIM2 head, but keeping the old shaft. 3 Wood keeping the head, but got new shaft after hitting it on a Trackman against my Tensei Blue. Driver: SIM2 9* with a Tour AD BB 7X 3 Wood: Ping LST 15.5* with a Ventus Blue 8X
  5. Just got delivered a few hours ago, SIM2 9* with a Tour AD XC 7X. Going to be testing it real world against my trusty M4 later this week.
  6. Mine just got delivered a couple hours ago! SIM2 9* with a Tour AD XC 7X. On the simulator it was better than my trusty M4, so we’ll see how it plays in the real world. Can’t it wait to get out and play later this week, and put it into play at the end of the month at Pinehurst.
  7. I haven't been able to get out and hit it yet, hopefully Wednesday or Thursday evening, I'll report back after. I tried the Blue 100X in my 818 before I ordered this one, the blue had too much spin for me in the HB, which is a shame because the Blue in my 3 wood is pretty much perfect!
  8. Was looking for something new between my 3 wood and 4 iron, its shafted with a Ventus Velocore Black 10...
  9. Probably this one, helping wind for sure...happened to be during a charity long drive contest on that hole too, it won me a new Callaway driver that I get to finally pick up tomorrow.
  10. Few items available to help fund a new driver. All prices are OBRO and shipped CONUS. 1) Mizuno MP-63 4-PW heads, great shape for their age, no browning. Standard loft, 2 degrees upright. $150 SOLD 2) Titleist U500 3-Iron, Tensei Pro White 100X shaft, Standard loft, 1 degree upright, +1/2 inch length. Never seen a ball decided to stick with my Apex hybrid. $200 SOLD 3) Titleist 818H2 21 degree head only, includes both neutral & draw/fade weight and headcover. $75 4) Tensei CK Pro Blue 80 TX Flex, shaft is tipped 1.5 inches and is 42.25 inches long, has Taylormade 1.5 degree tip. $135 SOLD 5) Ventus VeloCore Blue HB 10 X Flex, shaft is tipped 0.5 inch, and is 39.5 inches long, has a Titleist hybrid tip. $150 SOLD
  11. 1. Golfdom, McLean, VA (There are technically closer locations but they are private clubs) 2. City and State? Washington, DC 5. Handicap? 8 4. Current Driver Setup? Taylormade M4 9.5* Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 7X 5. Were you fit for your current driver? Yes, originally into an M2, kept the shaft and updated the head 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely a yes!
  12. Few items up for grabs today, all prices are OBRO shipped CONUS. 1) Ping G410 LST Driver Head, digitally measured by Ping for 9.5* Loft and 58* Lie. Slight green mark on the toe (pic #4) no idea where it came from. Includes Headcover & Wrench. Looking for $225 SOLD. 2) Tensei CK Pro White 70TX, No Tipping, G410 Tip, measures 44 inches, plays 45 inches in a G410 Driver, built by The Peoples Clubs. Looking for $160 SOLD. 3) Diamana D+ Ltd 70X, G400 tip direct from Ping, measures 44 inches, plays 45 inches. Looking for $100. 4) Diamana BF 80X, Tipped 1 inch, Titleist tip for a fairway wood, measures 42.25 inches. Looking for $150. 5) Scotty Cameron 2016 US Open blade cover. Looking for $125 SOLD. 6) Rose & Fire 3 wood headcover. Never used looking for $35 SOLD.
  13. Up for grabs some club heads, shafts and an extra headcover. All prices are OBRO, shipped CONUS. 1) Diamana DF 70 X Flex, no tipping, Taylormade tip, shaft is not tipped, length from tip to butt of grip is 43 inches and gripped up with a MCC +4. Looking for $130. SOLD 2) Diamana BF 80 X Flex, tipped 1 inch, Titleist tip, length from tip to butt of grip is 42.25 inches and gripped up with a MCC +4. Looking for $130. 3) Tensei White 90 S Flex, has a Titleist tip, cam directly form Titleist in an 818H2 3 hybrid, standard tipping, length is 39 3/8 inches. Looking for $50 SOLD 4) Titleist 917F3 15 degree fairway head only, neutral weight and headcover included. Could work a deal with the Diamana BF if there is interest. Looking for $75 SOLD 5) Titleist 915Hd 3 (20.5*) hybrid head, has about 1 inch of lead tape on the toe, which I will remove and clean, includes 915H headcover. Looking for $50. SOLD 6) Vokey SM7 50.08 F Grind head, pretty good condition. Looking for $50. SOLD 7) Scotty Cameron headcover from the new Phantom X line, this is the square one, so made for the Phantom X 12 or 12.5 (it came with my Phantom 5.5, but is not the correct one and my OCD won't let me keep it). Looking for $35. SOLD
  14. Fortunately not much, only a backup 818 H2 head, a new Ping blackout putter grip.
  15. 4.1 index Titleist 718 AP2 X100 Sitting in the closet is a set of Mizuno MP-63’s that I’m probably going to put back in play this season; the AP2’s are easy to hit, but they just go too high.
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