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  1. I think it's one of the "Augusta" models.
  2. The sim area is about 15'x17'. It opens up to other parts of the basement (behind the camera perspective), so it feels larger.
  3. Ball to screen is about 6'6". Bounce back is minimal, ~1-2ft. Bounce back has a lot to do with the screen, any extra padding/netting, and how it's hung. Orange and blue as a combo are strictly prohibited.
  4. Shame it doesn't support Skytrak
  5. My dad (turning 60 this year) has never been a particularly good player (though he claims he was much better before my brother and I were born). Over the last several years, his consistency with his irons had rapidly declined- he was more often hitting unusably bad shots than even "ok" ones. He was so discouraged, it would be hard to even get him to come play. My brother and I did two things that fundamentally changed his game- one, we got him a lesson. He'd been too stubborn to take them, so we finally just bought him an hour lesson for father's day a couple years ago. About the same time, we bought him a full set of Cobra t-rail's. Between the lesson fixing a couple things, and the huge boost in confidence he gets with (what he calls "idiot proof") his new Cobras, he's completely rejuvenated his love for the game. He even bought a Skytrak a few months later so that he could practice more. All that to say, there's no shame in going with a full hybrid set. If it gives you confidence and allows you to hit the ball more consistently, it's absolutely worth it. It's been a lot of fun seeing how much my dad enjoys the game again.
  6. I have a T22 Newport 2 for sale. It's in excellent condition (played maybe 2 real rounds), mostly rolled on indoor putting green. It's officially a 34", but I added a 1" extension, so it plays 35". I also added 10gram weights to adjust the swing weight (I have the original 15g weights as well). Original headcover and grip. I hate to sell it, because I love it, but I've got to help fund an outdoor putting green project. Asking $800 shipped in the US. SOLD
  7. That is absolutely gorgeous. I wish Ping would mass produce that exact model.
  8. Just discovered this brand, Vuori, and got this polo. It is hands down the most comfortable polo I've ever owned. It also works really well untucked for me- so many other brands look terrible untucked. Also pretty reasonably priced.
  9. I'm also a believer in the air compressor + painter's tape route. There are some types of grips it doesn't work as well on (like Superstroke putter grips), but your typical rubber grips hold great with at least 1 wrap of tape. The only drawback I've found is it makes a horrible noise that can wake sleeping spouse/children at night- sort of like that sound when you slowly let air out of a balloon.
  10. I never take "full" swings with anything below PW, and often not even with that. 100yd is typically a 3/4 50*. Most things under 90yd, I go with my 54*. The 60* is pretty much exclusively for sand and really short-sided things, as anything more than about a 40yd shot with that club is rolling the dice for me.
  11. 29- feels like we're just hitting our prime. Driver: 3 years 3w: 8years hybrids: 8 years irons: 4 years wedges: 3 years putter: 3 years
  12. Callaway Super Hybrid is $320 MSRP. ouch.
  13. Cool, I was not aware of the Super Hybrid- I'll definitely give those a look.
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