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  1. It's really a toss up between the Kiyoshi, AD Deep Impact, and the Fubuki. Any of the shafts could be the perfect shaft for many good players.
  2. [quote name='shankz' timestamp='1319190259' post='3700453'] How does the Kiyoshi compare to the tour ad di6? Thx [/quote] The GD Tour AD DI6 is a stouter shaft. I'm going off memory but I remember it being firmer feeling.
  3. I've hit all of these in stiff ranging from the 6s to 7s. The Oban's Revenge shaft is the least firm feeling and loads the easiest. The Kiyoshi feels a bit softer than the Devotion. Off the trackman the Kiyoshi was putting up VERY similiar specs to my Fubuki k70. The Kiyoshi is by far one of Oban's best feeling shafts, less boardy feeling than the Devotion but firm enough to feel like you really have some control over it.
  4. The Graphite Design Tour AD DI seemed to be a stouter shaft.
  5. Just dropped the Fubuki k70 in my Nakashima Ntec 2.8 DF Driver. This shaft not only feels great but gets the ball on the perfect trajectory for me. When my drives were coming down they were taking a huge bounce which tells me this driver is relatively low spin. I was hitting it off a trackman this morning, then took it down to my range to test it. I was knocking it out of the back of the range. This shaft makes it hard to miss the sweet spot on your driver, not sure what it is about it but its 100x better than the Oban I had in there before.
  6. This shaft came with my ping G15 stiff. I hit off the trackman 2 for 15 minutes and the specs were good. Launch angle around 13 degrees and spin rate rate right around 2200 rpm. The shaft although doesn't feel that great to me. I liked my UST mamiya much better. Does anyone have any recommendations about what would be a good alternative? I want a shaft with similar specs (low/mid launch angle and torque around 4, stiff or firm flex) but with much better feel. Any suggestions?
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