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  1. This looks like it could be fun!! Good on the European tour for trying something different. http://www.golfwa.or...ise-world-golf/
  2. Have a look for bintan (Indonesia) for a day trip. Ria bintan amazing course yet still much cheaper than Singapore courses. Marina bay though is good if you don't have an option for a full day.
  3. [quote name='rjp322' timestamp='1407336049' post='9870151']What is with all the atrocious threads today?! Jesus. Im going to say this once. IT IS A HORRIBLE THING FOR GOLF. The reasons are pretty obvious, Tiger made golf what it is today and by him not playing, it is declining to the state that it used to be. It is the Tiger effect. Golf without Tiger kills all the ratings, less new golfers join the sport, revenues from golf companies go down, Dicks pros get laid off because of this. This is all because of Tiger whether people want to believe it or not. TIGER IS GOOD FOR THE GAME. Now can we lock this up please![/quote] Golf courses in Australia are seeing a resurgence in the last year. Remember golf isn't just the USA. Asia is growing , the worlds best aren't from America any more. This could be good?
  4. You guys are kidding right? Here in Australia since we tightened our gun laws not once has there been a massacre. I understand how you say it's your right but if it's everyone's right to feel safe without carrying, wouldn't that be better? The harder it is to get one the safer the rest feel. Get over yourself the fact that you aren't the bad person cause it is too easy for that bad person to carry a firearm.
  5. My dad just had his today after 30 years. So proud of him! Congrats to you too!
  6. So I hate to start another thread on Tiger but if he is "gone" is it really a bad thing? All I can think off is less money means the other top players have to play more. Isn't that a win?
  7. [quote name='deasy55' timestamp='1395325797' post='8910563'] [quote name='rabbit111' timestamp='1395325649' post='8910547'] [quote name='hogans71' timestamp='1395325447' post='8910527'] Adam Scott -6 thru seven? I'm assuming he takes over the top spot in the rankings with a win this week... [/quote] Unfortunately not, with Tiger and Day pulling out not enough points on offer. [/quote] He wouldn't be #1 on Monday, but he would become #1 the week before the Masters (assuming Tiger doesn't play in Texas). So technically a win would get him to #1. [/quote] So one of tigers bay hill wins drops off then? Made the week a lot more exciting!
  8. [quote name='hogans71' timestamp='1395325447' post='8910527'] Adam Scott -6 thru seven? I'm assuming he takes over the top spot in the rankings with a win this week... [/quote] Unfortunately not, with Tiger and Day pulling out not enough points on offer.
  9. One thing tiger could take advice on from Greg is how to hit a driver!
  10. Was going to start a topic on this interview but then thought we don't need another tiger thread! The interview that fox sports done was supposed to be about Steve Williams and HIS career but golf being not so big in oz they run the tiger stuff knowing that should draw viewers. And for the guys debating his pay, some of nz's rugby players earn more than 1.5 mil a year and yet he is still the highest paid person earning from sport there. I don't want to say sportsperson specifically! If he can earn that much, he must make a difference otherwise those players can get away with a lot cheaper.
  11. +1 for the same. Except being Aussie it's cricket not hockey.
  12. Hate to say it but any of the Harry potter movies. And I'm 31!!
  13. Just warming up for an Aussie back to back masters! So is Jason day!!
  14. [quote name='Forged4ever1' timestamp='1390761531' post='8536875'] There is one point that I haven't brought up and though I fancy myself as objective, accurate, bla, bla, bla, as Rookie can attest, sometimes my views are scewed by personal thoughts, beliefs and experiences. This is one such time. Ya see, when I walked off the football field for the last time, I was lost. Sure, we had the friendships made over the past 4 1/2 years(I took a red shirt), a few that I keep to this day. And yea, the memories were great. But for the first time since I could remember, there was no winter workouts to dread & b!tch about. There was no spring ball to endure or summer work outs to go through. No arriving a month early to school to survive 100°+ days in the sun, lol. It was over- Forever- I didn't accept that real well. And then yea, the physical part of being able to take out frustrations and emotions amd do things on a field that I could never do on campus or in the "real" world. So I guess that I looked to rugby to replace and fill that void. It didn't- Nor was of fair of me to think that it could. However, I was young, dumber than I am now, lol, and instead of lookin inside, I looked outside. It's a great game, played by some of the finest athletes that I've been on ANY field with, and the camaraderie is second to none, and I would say team wise, these guys were much closer team wise than a lot of the football teams that I played on- And probably best of all, the coach tolerated me running around like an idiot screwin up plays to land the hit, lol, though I did improve a little as the season went on, lol. It's a great, great game! Have a good week- Fairways & Greens My Friends [/quote] I was the same mate, had to give rugby away at an early age in my prime due to 2 knee reconstructions. Doctor said my body could continue but in the end the mind was scared due to not wanting to get hurt again. Really missed the friendships and getting to take "frustrations" out on others, but in the end that's life and now we have golf, new friendships and a lot of new "frustrations"!
  15. [quote name='Jim Clark' timestamp='1390750085' post='8535891'] They're both tough. But American football has much larger players who can do much more damage. They need the pads and helmets. I think Rugby players are crazy. [/quote] Once again the reason they are much larger is because they don't need the fitness that rugby players do. In the end it's comparing apples to oranges, both have its merits.
  16. [quote name='Forged4ever1' timestamp='1390626351' post='8527925'] [quote name='RJRJRJ' timestamp='1389370329' post='8435153'] I can tell you with almost certainty that if NFL players didn't wear padding, there would be at least one death per game. [/quote] My thoughts on this statement are similar to Somaplr, in that I don't know about this. I played DI football, and as scholarship athletes, we were not allowed to play organized sports without consent from basically, our head coach, especially a non-NCAA governed sport such as rugby(it was a "club" sport). Following my senior season, a few fraternity Bros played rugby, and they said to come on out, as they could always use bodies, lol. I had never played rugby, though I had been to a few of their matches. I practiced for a few weeks on the C side and we went to Ohio State to play a four school two-day round robbin tourney. I played fullback on the B side. I was 6'2", and where as I played ILB at 242-244 lbs, I had lost about 12-13lbs since the season(this was the spring season, though they also had a fall season) and was about 230 lbs. Since I was a child(I started playing tackle at the age of 7yo, and though I don't remember much, having been to a few of my nephew's games, I would hardly call it tackle, LMAO. At the snap, everyone stands up, looks at the guy opposite them, then tries to block/tackle, the RB runs into the back of em, and everyone stands there & the pile sorta moves in slo mo a few yards till the ref blows the whistle, lol), I was tought to tackle with my head up, neck bulled back, and lead with my head/helmet, wrapping and driving through the ball carrier. This was pre-spearing(1979-1984), and let's just say that LB suited my personality just fine, lol. So I of course tackled this way on the rugby field. And as I was tought in football, I didn't just wrap with my arms, as most rugby players did/do, I exploded through the hit and used my arms as weapons, aiming for your shoulders, neck and head. I didn't think about it, it was instinct. Well, the coach went crazy cuz the B side was playing the A side and he watched me and as I was moving across the field I could see the play/pattern developing and I picked a winger, slowed a little to let the play develop, then went full tilt, cut inside and met him just as the ball touched his hands. I drove though him, catching him with one arm under his chin and putting my face in his chest and sliding up into his chin. Well, I broke my nose and he was out cold, LMAO. And the coach, this little five foot nothing fire hydrant,comes runnin across the field screaming, "this is'nt g*ddamn football, you can't tackle like that. You're ginna kill somebidy." Now our school had a top 20 club program and went to Nationals two of four years that my fraternity Bro played, and he was a forward, and got invited twice to try out for the USA Eagles, making alternate/substitute his second try out, so he could play. He comes running over and said,"Jamie's(the kid I hit) our best back and we have to go to Ohio State in two weeks. Ya can't tackle like that." And after having to fight with guys who outweighed me by 30-50 pounds just to get to the ball, to get to run around basically unimpeded, hell, I was in heaven, LMAO. Now I know that this wasn't like South African rugby, or the nations where their players start playing rugby as I and others started playing football,aschildren, thoughI never once, in 17 years of football, had a coach tell me to hold back or hit so as not to hurt someone. Now understand, my hits were legal. I recieved one spearing call in 3 1/2 years as a starting LB. I wasn't dirty. Yet, all I heard about rugby was, "Oh, they eat their young," "They're animals," "RUGBY, The Few, The Proud, The Insane," etc., LMAO- I played that season, starting on the C side, and the last half I was moved to A side as a substitute FB. I hit and got hit. For me, football was much tougher. It's hard to explain, however, on a football field, guys wanted to hurt you. I knew that you wanted to hurt me. And I wanted to hurt you. Not injure. There's a difference. And we played most of the Big 10 teams, so I got to see some pretty good collegiate rugby, along with playing in an elite Invitational at Northwestern University in ChiTown, where UCLA, Cal & Stanford played. And unlike the midwestern schools, who might 2-3 football players, half those Pac 10(at the time) schools had half their starting side comprised of ball players. And if you watched a game, trust me, you could tell who played ball and who just played rugby, ragardless of skill level. I'm talkin about attitude. Most of the guys had no fear. We would run as fast as we could, and regardless of how fast that was, at the moment of impact, we would explode THROUGH the hit, not just hit and wrap. It's like we're running a race, same start line, and you're running 40 yds and I've gotta run 45 yds. All things being equal, who's gonna be running faster at that 40 yard mark? I'm talkin the as a rule here, not the exception. A football player, a quality player, runs THROUGH people, not TO people. Regarding the NFL, you take away face masks, and you'll see such a change in how guys play, that you wouldn't recognize the game in two years. Would someone die before that change took place? Maybe, though I doubt it. It's that species survival/preservation instinct. Even the idiots, and I played with a few, lol, would change how the played and you wouldn't see all of these high flyin circus hits. Well, this is just one guys opinion, and granted I only played one season, however, from my experience, the hardest that I got hit on a rugby field didn't come close to the hits that I gave/took on a football field. Different league. Thanx for reading Gettin back to golf- Have a great season Fairways & Greens My Friends, Richard [/quote] Sorry to reply to this as it adds extra pages! The major difference between football and rugby in terms if hits are the fact that in football the game stops, where as in rugby you have to think if the next play straight away, do you have support, are you isolated, what field position are you? If you know the play is going to stop then you weigh up the situation of if I hit him hard, will I contain him? If that is yes then straight away you do it. In rugby you have to think, if I hit him hard will I contain him, where are the other players if it is a fast ball, should I hold him up and force a turnover if I have some other forwards around me, is he going down at my knees for a purpose? The other thing is the physical fitness between the two sports which I think has been mentioned before. No defence/offence team, always on the field till your subbed. Having played professional rugby, but not football, I can't give judgement but there are great hits in both!!
  17. I loved the old strata balls with my great big Bertha driver and cobra Norman grinds. The good ol' days!!
  18. So played 2 man Ambrose the other week and my partner got a "lone ranger" birdie, which means a round of scotches. Oban 14 yo. Awesome even if I had to buy!
  19. Adam Scott will still be winning by showing a master class of ball striking, then making the occasional putt, like he has with the long putter.
  20. Wow...... I just wasted 2 minutes of my life that I can't claim back.
  21. Royal Troon. When you hit a 3 iron 140 metres then the next hit an 8 iron 180 metres you know you've had a tough day. Don't think it would be as tough though during calm conditions.
  22. [quote name='Singapore Joe' timestamp='1386367721' post='8260083'] [quote name='mnplayer' timestamp='1386367206' post='8260027'] [quote name='Capitaine Haddock' timestamp='1386359887' post='8259453'] Go Netherlands ! Looks like we have a quite easy group, except for Spain. [/quote] If you think you have an easy group you're mistaken. Chile is sneaky good. [/quote] And there's a chance Australia will injure half of your players. Seriously dirty they way they play this game! [/quote] +1 They have already said they won't underestimate us!
  23. Hate to say it but he did bring golf to the masses in Australia just like tiger does in the USA. As a fan of the game it has to be good right?
  24. Jack Woods Hogan Snead Palmer Player Nelson Watson Norman Hagen Vardon I know that's 11 but had to
  25. How can someone be no1 in the world without winning a major in that period?
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