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  1. Similar style here, fade with woods and hybrids, irons pretty straight. I don't think you or I literally stay-back (clean contact would be an issue) but the big forward lateral move (either hip-slide or entire body movement) gets the club to stuck behind which shifts the club path too far inside and forces and earlier release to get to the ball, which when miss-timed just slightly causes a massive hook. At least for me (my personal issue is the early hip slide), feeling like I don't shift to the left early allows me the time to get the club working a bit more in front of me, which I think is t
  2. I am based in the UK and keep getting error 403 trying to go to golfworks’ website. Know anywhere else I could get them from.
  3. There we go. The misses weren't bad putts. It had to come.
  4. If he keeps giving himself looks they will start dropping.
  5. Phil is going for hit. That pre-round coffee seems to be working for him today!
  6. Brooks is an animal, doesn't get phased by anything!
  7. There are too many guys at 3 or better. One of them is bound to will go lower than 69 today, but 7 might be the number.
  8. It is good again but there was stretch of like 30 mins where they only showed the leaders warm up and the occasional chip shot or putt.
  9. Yup there we go! -3 seems to be what they were interested in showing.
  10. I don't think that is valid reasoning there are some good scores out there, I want to know how Dahmen and YJS are getting with the ends of their rounds. Also Justin Rose has apparently been going ballistic from 4 onwards and they haven't really shown it.
  11. Yeah not sure what is going on... Sky in the UK here as well is just a bunch of talking. I personally am not a fan of watching Phil warm-up, nothing THRILLING about that I would rather watch a rewind of Brad Marek's warm-up routine.
  12. I cannot remove the "Lefty Boomers" tag from my profile. A long time ago I used to have the "Junior Boomers" tag, I then didn't log in for a while and the previous "Junior Boomers" tag was changed to "Lefty Boomers" and I cannot remove it. I talked with another member who told me they were able to change these from the "Edit Profile" page, however when I go to "Edit Profile", the "Member Title" field is absent. I have tried this on Safari both on iOS and macOS, as well as from Firefox on a Linux computer.
  13. Thanks for the help. I thing I will give the mcc plus4 a go. I always built up the lower hand so this seems interesting.
  14. Absolutely need the cord and need a lot of it, my hands get sweaty and I occasionally play and practice in less than ideal conditions. The range I go at doesn't have separators between the bays and went it rains there are loads of not so good players leading to some scary close calls with shanks so I just play outside haha. I never got along with the tour velvets they wear out way to quick for me (I can't afford to replace grips multiple times a year).
  15. I am looking for grip suggestions. I have been using the original Golf Pride NDMC for the last few years. Liked the durability of the top section, but I hate the bottom section, it feels too soft when new and gets slick quick. Before that I used to have the ping cord grips (703 cords I believe) and absolutely loved them, the rubber compound's softness was in between the two sections the NDMCs and the cord was awesome. I always find the cord in Golf Pride's offerings to be too thin and not prominent enough. So many companies seem to phasing out cord options and making the cord less prominent in
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