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  1. mocokid

    Steve Jones

    Goalby yes, not Devicenzo, he won lot's of tourneys all over the world, An excellent career even with the Masters debacle.
  2. mocokid

    Steve Jones

    just got done with the USGA channel's 75 US open, It's a pity one of the tapes got lost so many of the melt downs are not fully shown. Graham KIT while whole field imploded.
  3. that TP63 VIP hands down! Looks very rare indeed!
  4. Yes, but a wrxer w a 4 handicapper playing persimmon and blades and footjoy winged tips w steel spikes could beat all the above, so long as D. Leadbetter was on wrxer's bag and giving Ko the evil stare.
  5. SOLD. AMT 2.0 Nippon stiff shafts, regular length. Tips are cleaned up, grips in good shape, the UW.SW were never used. Thanks, Steve.
  6. that looks very good, looks like nice compression at impact, very efficient.
  7. It's kinda like participation trophies for little leaguers, who are millionaires.
  8. Looks to me like that Jones fellow, who shot in the mid 70s on his par 69 115 slope course, and was ready to tee it up with the best. It looks like Sir Nick is going to get a dimple in back of head when Jones hits a stinger pull cut that doesn't quite cut, in an effort to have Sir Nick take a look at his up and down game when being semi obstructed by shiny objects blocking a clear shot to the green. I tricky one indeed. .
  9. Seve in the late 70-80s yes, toast by the early 90s for a variety of reasons.
  10. R500 that is one heavy shaft! Djohnson style.
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