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  1. Ben Hogan line via Walmart, or Carthart?
  2. Agreed. They are the effect not the cause.
  3. that's a good point, the ground move should start before the back swing ends.
  4. zero hand arm action, assuming you've made a good turn with the core and don't drag the hands too far inside in my case.
  5. thanks when you do it right, the ball takes off like a rocket due to the shaft lean. I also feel I get some bowed wrist doing this.
  6. This is an old post but I was intrigued by watching Matt Wolfe w Como and GG, moving the practice mat. So I've tried a version. Start forward swing by gripping ground firmly with inside right and outside left foot, 'twisting to the left'. Seems to work, better turn less sliding for me. At impact I feel I have real shaft lean. Anyone else?
  7. Jack Lemon was really painful but humorous..
  8. OK for Jones, but can't see fingers opening slightly for 99.99% of us. If you are referring to keeping a soft grip and not over gripping or tightening or clenching the club yes, that's OK. FYI Jones did play with a slightly cupped left wrist.
  9. You can play with a cupped or uncupped wrist, there are WAY more important things, unless your grip comes loose due to the cupping.
  10. like Stu said the 4i is the old 2i. However, MUCH easier to hit. I like the G400 4i for practice, think it was Twatson who practices with his 3i. If you can hit the 3/4i OK then the rest are easier. In play I use the 4h or 5h.
  11. the clubhead swings to the target, not the arms, there is a difference. .IMHO.
  12. keeps the right elbow close to body and pointed more downward. I think easier to shallow on downswing.
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