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  1. Nuff said summerall and brookshier and a fifth of scotch on a crisp autumn Sunday.
  2. mocokid

    Masters Favorite

    Sorry guys but bd is going to figure out how to win at angc like it or not. Not saying this year definitely, but he will. Tiger has entered the ceremonial phase of career.
  3. He copied a text book rather than have his parents spend $$$ I read. They were already spending $$$ on his golf. Course it does not mean he's poor as pointed out above.
  4. mocokid

    2020 US Open

    The only thing stopping him and others are injuries, today's all out players going to have more and at younger age than previously.
  5. mocokid

    2020 US Open

    Ask Bryson gently if he wants a work out buddy, also who's his swing coach.
  6. mocokid

    2020 US Open

    This would be more relevant if rors had won a major in the last 5 years or hit it short, come on man!
  7. Agreed long careers are a thing of the past.
  8. mocokid

    2020 US Open

    Congrats to Bryson, first of several majors.
  9. OK we are talking about aesthetically pleasing, right? 1920's Jones, Mac Smith 1930s-40s Snead easily could add 1950s also, Hogan was not aesthetically pleasing. 1950s Bolt, J. Boros 1960s Littler/Geiberger 1970s Weiskopf, Miller, Pate. 1980s Love, Couples. Prob some others I missed.
  10. Always liked that one, now if the hotel was 1+ inch Shorter
  11. you might be able to play with those grips if you wash and lightly sand them.
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