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  1. US pros played numerous match play events including the PGA of course in the Hogan Snead era which helped in the Ryder cup.
  2. The Mac irons Miller won the 73 open with, had the hosels cut down. That's all you need to know, guy's the best ball striker of that era arguably, and he knew he could hit it better with less dead weight and a better sweet spot.
  3. Poor model looks malnourished and sad, and no belt available to hold up the bloke's trousers, likely to fall off somewhere between the locker room and pro shop.
  4. Thanks do they have a replacement?
  5. This is the last Northern trust event? What is it being replaced with? Thought I heard nantz and Ian say this during the broadcast.
  6. Nice, saw Azinger with liquid metal hat in the 2001 US open. Not familiar with their products.
  7. No refinish in a color that shows the grain, awesome find!!
  8. Payne can be seen in the last rounds of us opens using the whale, early 90s. (Usga channel on Roku). He's got a top flite bag in 1998 when he loses a 5 shot lead. In 1999 it's lynx, one of the all time great wins.
  9. Steve, I'm using the 4 finger swing drill. It works especially to reduce the tension in the last 3 fingers of left hand. My arms are more upright and less stuck inside. What did Manny do about that left hand tension that wants to try to create power(lag) but ruins the swing?
  10. I'm watching the 1997 US open and I think Jeff Maggert one of the leaders is playing this iron. But I'm no ping ID expert. they are pings though.
  11. If Tom was like DJ, he would have won about 6, you never see Johnson upset, Tom wishes he was like Dustin.
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