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  1. No experience with the T grind but have been using a Low Bounce K for years. It's not ideal for opening up the face off a tight lie, but pretty great at everything else.
  2. To the best of my understanding driver distance when hitting the sweet spot hasn't changed very much in recent years - that was maxed out a while ago given the restrictions the governing bodies in place. The focus has been on more distance and straighter ball flights when you miss the center of the face. If you're hitting your current driver consistently in the fairway, there might not be much to be gained in moving to a newer one.
  3. I’ve actually got the ‘17 M1 and in no rush to replace it. But TM would have me thinking about it if there were new ones...
  4. The SIM2 Fairway marks the 3rd consecutive release for TM where they don't have a 3HL option in their adjustable fairway wood. For the longest time I've been buying adjustable 3HL/4 woods and cranking the loft down to give me a 3 wood loft with an open face. I thought there were lots of other (usually better) golfers doing the same, but maybe not? Anybody know the rationale as to why they stopped? I assume sales numbers, but maybe something else...
  5. I’m on my second one and this is exactly right. I generally don’t have the nerve to open a wedge way up off a tight lie anyway, so the low bounce k is perfect for me.
  6. Thanks for this - think we’re on the same page. The G410 26* I’m looking at has a 39.25” shaft. It would also weight 85g versus the 120g steel shaft in my iron. So that’s worth something. For sure I would adjust it flat. Might also loft down to 25* to open up the face a bit (have always done that on my fairways - everything looks closed to me). Put that all together, feels like it should be same ballpark distance-wise as my 4-iron?
  7. Never really seriously considered hybrids in the past given my tendency to hook them whenever I tried them out. However, the more I read about some of today’s flatter lie angle, anti-hook hybrids the more inclined I am to pick up one to test out. Quick question though - trying to figure out lofts to get equivalent distance. I’d be looking to replace my 718 AP2 4 iron. Stock 24*, hit it 200. I’m guessing with modern hybrids it’s probably a 25-26* I would hit the same distance? Or do I need less loft because it launches higher, spins more, etc. Thinking of trying a G410, just need to figure out
  8. I just put one in my bag with a HZRDUS Smoke Black 70 and am really liking it. Hit it pretty high but it doesn't balloon on me, and it goes straight. I'm someone who really likes open-faced fairway woods, and with this one cranked to 16* I find it sits open enough for me. This is the only club that sits between my driver and 3 iron, and its versatility is where it shines. Works as advertised out of tough lies, but it's also been great off the tee when I need to hit a specific yardage. Think it might be a keeper.
  9. OP here... ended up ordering a u500 3 iron with a HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 6.0. Took some swings with one off the rack in store and it felt right to me.
  10. Thanks for pointing that out! Although probably on the fence regarding the flex of that one too...
  11. Thinking about replacing my trusty 712u 3-iron with a u500. The stock HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 shaft should work well for me, but I'm on the fence as to which flex I go with. It seems pretty stout, so maybe 6.0 is enough?. For reference: Driver SS ~110, fit into Kuro Kage XT 60X Irons fit into KBS Tour 120S My current 712U has a AD Utility 95X. So... 6.0 or 6.5? Thanks!
  12. Got fit a few years ago into a M1 driver with a Kuro Kage XT 60X, and it has worked out really well for me. When it was time to get a new fairway, I went again with a M1 17* head and put a KK XT 70X into it. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked out as well as my driver - some days I hit it great, others not so much. I've got a Jetspeed tour issue fairway head kicking around that I've never used, and I think I want to stick a shaft in there and give it a go. Question is what shaft. Could try the XT again, but considering other options a. just to have something different to hit and b. that are chea
  13. Updating for the start of the 2019 season. Since my last post, the only clubs unchanged are my Driver and wedges. Yikes. Quick summary: Irons: I get a new set of irons about once a decade. First time in 20 years I didn’t go Mizuno, opting for 718 AP2s. Right balance of looks and technology for my game. Got fit outside, really liked seeing the ball flight. Started with S300s, which I played forever. Hit about 6 balls and was hitting it really well. Launch was just a bit lower than what my fitter wanted. Put in KBS Tour 120s, went up just slightly, and that was the winner. Tried some other sh
  14. I have several and periodically game one of them. I think one differentiating factor is that they are close to being center-shafted but still have a significant amount of toe hang. That's a relatively rare combination in putters, but might be the best fit for lots of people when it comes to alignment and stroke.
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