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  1. Hard to see the 2nd picture, but appears to be Sunnybrook Golf Club
  2. A few years ago, totally agree boring & easy. (that also feels relative to an occasional round there in a golf course rich area, rather than if it feels boring & easy on an ongoing basis for members) Couple changes in the last couple years address both of those things. First, the course restoration is turning the course from boring, tree lined, parkland, into a unique golf course. Tons of tree removal, all bunkers being re-done, some green surrounds changing from typical rough to closely mown fairway areas. Currently, 11 of 18 holes are done, and the final 7 left to go are some of the most significant changes. New back tees being added to a number of holes. Course will still "appear" short on the scorecard, but it will be a mix of wedge/short par 4s with then some brutal long par 4s. Personal preference is much rather have a 6,750 yard walkable, classic, course with every tee right off the previous green, than a 7k+ yard cart riders course. Second thing, entering the 3rd year of a new superintendent who is really changing the look/feel/play of the course for the better, and those changes are really only beginning to shine through now. Fairways & greens firm/fast, and really growing the rough out - which makes a sub-7K yard course play as hard as anything. Place is totally under the radar for proximity to center city. I used to be at a club in the PA NW suburbs and found it very tough, even on weekends, to deal with 76 traffic from the city & back. From center city, I was 15-18 mins to Riverton on weekend mornings, then 20-25 heading home mid day. Memberships for age groups below full golf are about to be capped (city crowd is catching on + some COVID influx) but with the restoration, improved conditions, and potential plans to address/improve facilities (pro shop / locker rooms / simulator), the place is going from good to great in the near term.
  3. Does seem to be trending in that direction. Even the Riverton qualifier did not have practice rounds through GAP, although I would think its really just a matter of what the club decides to do. Gulph Mills did have practice rounds for the Mid-Am they held there back in '14 (i think that was the year), although I did actually have someone drive up to me on the course and asked my name mid round - so seems they swung the other way for last years Pat cup. As Drudersh mentioned, an Applebrook caddy certainly would help if no chance for a practice round before the tournament. Since Applebrook is walking only, their caddies are way more than bag carriers, and can help guide you around. Dan the caddie master there is great and can help you out.
  4. Updating as of today - AP2s are sold & belts are pending. Apologies for any delays w/ messages ect. haven't been able to be on last few days.
  5. Please respond or PM and I can pass along paypal info - will go in order of time received/first message. Feel free to reach out with any questions. All items will ship USPS priority Titleist AP2 716 Irons. 4-PW. Modus 105 X shafts. There are a few scratches/nicks from 3 seasons worth of use - but the club faces don't show much browning. I had added the following pictures: Sole of 6 irons has some additional scratching compared to the rest. The 8 iron has a small dent on the back of the club & also an additional face picture of the PW & 7 iron, these two clubs have the most wear on the face (8 & 9 iron have slightly less wear than both of these). Length is standard (5i 38''). Lofts are 1 degree strong. Grips are GP Multi Compound Plus 4 - in good shape 1 season old. Also note that a little bit of the Modus graphics on the shafts have begun to wear off from normal bag wear. SOLD Taylormade M3 460 - Kuro Kage 60 S. Stock length - see pictures for conditions. There is some marking in the silver paint on the toe and small marks in the silver paint of the crown, all are visible in pics. Comes with stock headcover & stock Taylormade Lamkin grip. $200 shipped 2 Snake/Alligator skin belts. One is matte silver color, the other is navy blue with more of a shiny finish. I purchased both of these in Florence Italy, from a street vendor. NOTE - the fact that these are from a street vendor, i am working on the assumption these are NOT real leather, and were NOT actually made in Italy - unlike what is printed on the belts. If I compare these 2 belts, to 2 genuine snake skin leather belts that I have in similar colors, I don't see much of a difference between them. (I just don't need 4 when I can get by with 2, I should have bought different colors in Italy) As for size - I am a 32 waist, and i wear each of these on the middle belt hole. They grey one has some room to be worn larger, the blue one probably would be too tight for anyone larger than 32 waist. $PENDING
  6. Hey Dan - hope all is well. I played Olde Homestead in an outing a year or two ago. Go get 1 round in before the qualifier there and you will be all good. Its a fairly straight forward course, there are a couple holes on the front that go into the woods, and 10/11 wrap around a pond, but besides that it's probably 13 really basic holes - there are definitely more holes I would describe as "wide open" than the holes I would consider "tight". I would be playing in that qualifier if it wasn't for a friends Wedding on that same date. I have never attempted to qualify for the Patterson Cup due to a conflicts with work - that will certainly change this year. And yes, Riverton is worth checking out - PM me if you end up signing up for that qualifier. If I end up going for the AM also, it will be at Brookside. You are correct that it is 100% uninspiring & boring. Wouldn't have much interest in playing there, except it is the site of my greatest previous qualifying success, so naturally I would have to roll with it again.
  7. Now I get it, these types of set-ups absolutely crush the mid to high 'capper, but a reasonably skilled amateur can make their way around a damned golf course without four-putting over and over and without making eight triple-bogeys every time around an Open course. ^ This part. Scratch golfers don't randomly start topping the ball, chunking chips, blading bunker shots because the golf course around them happens to be more difficult. The difference is chipping out to 20 feet for par instead of trying to get it inside 5. Missing a few more fairways turning birdie chance holes into par saves. That does not equate to 30 shots in a round.
  8. My '18 X Forged w/ Modus 120 are supposed to be delivered today, hoping to hit them Sunday. I'll follow up on with my thoughts, I am coming from AP2s w/ 105s. My expectations are to see the same as you with 120s launching higher. I switched from Dynamic Golds to the 105 for the weight reduction, and didn't see much of a change in flight between them actually.
  9. Can anyone who has bought direction from the Renaissance website give insight on how long your order took to process/ship?
  10. My PGA Tour Live app on my Galaxy Tab is acting all wonky and not working. P*ssing me off! Hey! Me too. Getting "network error" Rip off. I want my 3 bucks back! Working fine on my iPhone. But much smaller screen. Getting the network error also, on a Galaxy phone.
  11. Its a solid, classic course. It was once a primarily jewish club. I know they have tried to get away from that, not sure how successful they have been with it. Sometimes that can take a long time to change. They were in financial trouble years ago but the club was purchased and I hear it is in good shape financially. Bluestone/Meadowlands has some of the most expensive dyes in the section. It has changed a little as far as it being primarily Jewish. They do have specials but after they end expect your dues to be around $1000 a month. The prices are right on the website, $1,000/month is not even close for a junior membership. Age 16-26 - $2,400/year Age 27-35 - $3,000/year
  12. Best of luck, hoping you close out the W, not bad company to join:
  13. Sunnybrook is great, class move by them hosting you guys after having to forfeit.
  14. Heading down to VA beach and playing Heron Ridge later this week, can't compare to Hell's Point, but I'll report back on what Heron is like.
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