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  1. Add a lot of salt.........after DJ won the Fedex Cup and his shot at DJ at the PGA Championship where he BK folded. Would love to see DJ win the US Open and Masters. BK great player but not a lot of humility.
  2. Myrtle Beach if just for Golf. Nothing close as far as choices. Have lived in FL (Miami, Orlando, Jupiter) , GA, IL, VA, OK, MO, NY and Asia. Florida is great overall....plenty of courses and great prices. Anywhere in Orlando, or S.FLA (Dade, Broward, PB County) you have 20-30 courses within 30 minutes.
  3. Why not just make it a even $1000.....lol. Wow i will wait until it is sold in US for $499 retail. If over $500 will wait 2-3 months on Ebay and get for $400-450.
  4. Maybe he can rub a little salt in his knee from DJ's win at Northern Trust.
  5. The Euros all olay olay olay better than Collin M.
  6. No...unless you are flying your wedges over the green on the tha par 5s off the Tee. Nice try for attention.
  7. club face and club path at contact is more important
  8. Given you are 5'3" (or very tall ..6'3"+) i would say yes. Your body falls outside the bell curve of what most companies build clubs for which my guess would be between 5'9-6'2" (just guessing). When you alter club length significantly you also change lie angle. If you were say 5'10 and a 23 HCP i would say it may not matter too much but given your height i think you could reduce your handicap significantly with proper fit clubs.
  9. Take one from each work on suggestion(s) and decide which one suits you better. This is not a big investment or long term commitment like a house or a vehicle.
  10. Iomic (and most other Japanese grips) tend to run smaller than same size American grips. In fact its hard to find midsize grips over here in Asia.
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