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  1. I had no intention of buying anything...but $200+ later... Too good of a deal to pass up.
  2. A lot similar thoughts. That being said - it's still a great looking putter.
  3. ADDI and UDI sold. Will reply to PMs in the order I receive them in the morning. Thanks for looking.
  4. A lot of odds and ends to sell today that have been sitting around. I don't play nearly as much as I used to or want to (having a 10 months old will do that to you I suppose). Paypal is [email protected] First to pay gets the item. I cannot ship until Thursday or Friday - so if that's a deal breaker please move on. All prices are shipped and paypal'd. Would prefer to sell. Only interested in a 91510.5* D2 head as trade or the 2015 Scotty Cameron St. Patrick's Day HC. Please PM me with any questions you may have. 1. Graphite Design AD-DI 6s with a Titleist tip. Bought it here and couldn't k
  5. Not sure if it's a WRX App issue - but link didn't work. Found it though - maybe app users try this http://www.budgetgolf.com/Srixon_Q_STAR_Tour_Yellow_Golf_Balls_Previous_Season.html
  6. Who ever sends you the money first wins. I appreciate your concern wanting to be honest with all parties (because people can start threads and rant and rave about little things - such as sending a message before anyone else - but this jerk seller sold to another guy first) Whoever puts the money in your account wins. End of story. Im sure the second guy was disappointed he didn't get it - but I'm sure he understands. Those are the breaks sometimes.
  7. Really cool of you. Hope they end up in the hands of young golfers for years to come.
  8. I didn't see that story. That is weird because there are a ton of programs through local government agencies that provide tax breaks and subsidized wages for hiring individuals with social needs.
  9. That is my understanding as well. They either re-box (put your item in a bigger box) with new labels or they just put new labels on the existing package. Once it gets to KY it's out of your hands.
  10. Is it just me or have there been an increase in trolls, Internet tough guys, and people who get bent out of shape for the slightest perceived "diss" within the last 6-9 months?
  11. Could you point out to this novice why this one is fake? Unless they've changed recently - heads are never in shrink wrap.
  12. I go back to thought of, what if I had only got tipped $60 or $80? That would have technically been below minimum wage and is the reason why courses usually pay a base rate. That's where I'd like to see what his financials look like. Something ain't right. You aren't an employee. You're an independent contractor. Minimum wage restrictions do not apply to you in any way, shape, or form. If a plumber does a job he thinks will take 2 hours and changes me $50 bucks (I know not likely - but stick with me here) but the job ends up taking 10 hours - he can't say "hey - that's less than minimum w
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