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  1. An update on testing. I tested my 915f against an Adams Tight Lies, a RBZ stage 2 17* hybrid, and a Ping G400 3 wood (last two were thanks to my friend I played with today) at the range and on the course. The hybrid was the first to drop fairly quickly. Just didn't hit it far enough. Next to go was the Adams. Performance or looks weren't there for me. I took my 915 and Ping on the course. I hit shots I would normally hit with both of them and shots from a few other places. The Ping was a touch longer at times but the Titleist just performed better. Same distance most of the time, more accurate
  2. Thanks again for the responses everyone. My friend is letting me borrow his newer Tight Lies so what I'm going to do is test that and a 17* hybrid up against my 915. I'll post updates about how it's going.
  3. I have a G30 hybrid that I love. Might try it in a lower loft.
  4. I forgot about the Tight Lies. That's a great idea.
  5. That's true. I do like my G30 hybrid. It's 19 degrees. I wonder if I would lose a lot of distance.
  6. Thanks everybody. I will take a look at some Ping fairway woods.
  7. Good evening everyone. I've been using a 915f for a few years now and am looking to upgrade to a newer 3 wood. I've been trying to research newer models with a shallow face but haven't had much luck finding descriptions of newer fairway woods with shallow faces. I was hoping the good people of WRX could point me in the direction of newer model 3 woods with shallow faces. No real brand preferences (I'm willing to try any brand), but I've always been partial to Callaway, Cobra, or Taylormade. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  8. Signed up! I think Bald Mountain looks to be my favorite. An extra par 5 is always nice!
  9. Long time, no see everyone. One item up for sale tonight. No trades, cash only. Price includes shipping and insurance to lower 48. PM with offers and questions. The putter is 34 inches and standard loft and lie. Comes with the Cameron headcover. The putter is brand new. I won it in a tournament but I need the cash, not another putter. Save $100 on a brand new Scotty Cameron. SOLD Thanks! Sam
  10. What's up everybody? One item up for sale or trade tonight. Shipping and insurance included in the price to the lower 48. Price is OBO as well. Only trade would be for a 7 wood with a heavy shaft. Feel free to PM with offers or questions. Set is 4-P. Standard loft, 1 degree up, standard length. DGS300s. Fairly fresh Tour Velvets for grips. Irons are in pretty good shape for their age. Really soft and nice forged clubs. Pictures should tell the story. Let's say $250 shipped Thanks for looking! Sam
  11. Not really that sure man. If I had to guess its D1 or D0, and I didn't change anything to get it to that. Maybe it has something to do with different models.
  12. M1 is sold! Make offers on the Ping guys! It's pretty stout for a stiff. Lol. I swing around 114 and it held up fine!
  13. Hahaha! No sir I don't! Thanks for the catch. Merry Christmas to you! Prices added! Sorry for the mistake everyone! Taylormade - $225 Ping - $175 They'll be there now! Forgot about those.
  14. Hello everyone, I have two low spinning drivers up for sale tonight, as I have recently changed my swing and now spin it too little. Price includes shipping and insurance to the lower 48. Price is also OBO, and I'm not really looking for any trades right now. Feel free to PM me with any offers or questions. 1. Taylormade M1 430. Driver is in amazing shape. I took very good care of this one. SOLD Loft: 9.5 Length: 44.25 Shaft: Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 70x Grip: White/red MCC standard Comes with headcover and wrench 2. Ping G30 LS Tec. Good shape for its age and forgiving for a lo
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