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  1. I haven’t played Cocoa Beach Country Club, but last time I looked at tee times the cost was much higher than other courses in the area.
  2. I agree with Baytree...fun course.
  3. Harmony, Duran, Indian River Preserve, Viera East
  4. Good choice...Indian River Preserve is fun also and guessing cheaper.
  5. A little off topic, but curious what the shape of the Savannah’s is in since the county dropped it? Just purchased a condo in Cape Canaveral and planning to play in January.
  6. Don’t go to Giants Ridge this year...it is terrible shape. Hard winter and heard they have some mistakes with preparing for winter. The MGA had an event schedule there in early July and just cancelled the event due to conditions.
  7. No way to play a Disney course in under 4 hours unless you are the first group out. Just played Palm last Saturday with a 9:45 tee time. Finished at 2:15 and we waited for the group ahead every shot.
  8. I would suggest you rethink the simulator... If you are just building a house, I would add on an extra stall in the garage for the simulator. The cost to add the room during the build might not be that much given the size of the project. If you plan for it in advance, you can make sure you have enough height (which is the biggest problem in most garages) and you will have the best of both worlds. Depending on what you want, the cost of building a SIM room might not be a big deal and you can use it rain or shine. The advantage is you can hit all your clubs, not just wedges. Clark
  9. Another vote for SkyTrak. Short game practice is excellent and SkyTrak has been continuing to add features for skill assessment. Best 2K I have spent for golf. By the way....I would expect to see the normal $300 off sale for Father's day coming up pretty soon (mid-April). Clark
  10. I would rank the Disney courses in this order...Palm, Magnolia, Lake Buena Vista. I like all three. The negative about LBV is it runs through two resorts. Palm and Magnolia don't, although you play close to a road on both. I played all three in January and the courses were in good shape and the greens were pretty quick. I would recommend Orange County National, if you have an option. Panther Lake is my favorite of the two courses, but nothing wrong with Crooked Cat. Waldorf is an excellent course, but pricey.
  11. Of the three courses at Disney, I like Palm the best (since Osprey Ridge was closed)
  12. Thanks again Richie. We do like Viera East. We normally play 36 there. Trying Savannah’s this year since it is very close to our condo. Will let everyone know what we think.
  13. Thanks Richie.... Have you ever played the The Savannahs and is it worth playing? Clark
  14. Heading to Cocoa Beach for our annual spring golf trip. Planning to play Viera East and Duran as in past year. Trying The Savannahs and The Habitat for the first time. Any thoughts on current conditions or better options? By the way... we have played Baytree, Indian River Preserve, the Majors, Turtle Creek, and LaCita in the past. Thanks, Clark
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