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  1. OP mentioned in the last part he's switching to Skytrak from Optishot
  2. They teased the AR stuff at the beginning of the year. That might be an option, although not as sexy as other possibilities.
  3. It was Buy 2, Get 1 Free this year. Amazon did have it as BOGO for a limited time though during that stretch this year, and I got some from them.
  4. IPX rating is the marking that denotes the level of protection against water, dust, etc.; it also implies the level of weather resistance, water proofing. The higher the number, the better it is. If you look up an IPX waterproof chart, it'll show the levels.
  5. It's definitely not golf specific. I use a similar hat. You can find similar ones for under $20 on Amazon. The only drawback to them is windy days make the hat move a lot, even when tightening it. There's an initial getting used to because the brim is so wide (looking up at ball flight, for instance), but I enjoy using the hat.
  6. It's subject to fees once it hits $800. So if the product is $450, it should be fine (as long as the seller lists it at that price on the form)
  7. He didn't have those shoes on. It really looks like the Alphacat. Here's a link to the Alphacat: Here's a snapshot of Rickie:
  8. I have a Spornia too. Putting it up takes less than a minute, and putting it down is the same.
  9. I have so many of these accumulated over the years they'd have at tournament check-in tables. They're great!
  10. Large towel draped over the woods for me as well
  11. Maybe club path and face to path. Those are two things I wish my Mevo+ measured.
  12. I'm the worst person to ask when it comes to sole grinds, as I'm not the most sensitive to those things. I got the D grind based on the fitter who I trust completely. The sole works and more forgiving around the greens. Square clubface shots around the green were probably the most apparent where the sole was forgiving. It definitely helped out on a few shots. I had no issues closing the face down either. I enjoyed opening up the clubface as well on more delicate shots around the green. I'd say it was probably better than the Vokey on those shots.
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