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  1. Maybe club path and face to path. Those are two things I wish my Mevo+ measured.
  2. I'm the worst person to ask when it comes to sole grinds, as I'm not the most sensitive to those things. I got the D grind based on the fitter who I trust completely. The sole works and more forgiving around the greens. Square clubface shots around the green were probably the most apparent where the sole was forgiving. It definitely helped out on a few shots. I had no issues closing the face down either. I enjoyed opening up the clubface as well on more delicate shots around the green. I'd say it was probably better than the Vokey on those shots.
  3. Finally got the TSW in and tested/played with it. Coming from Vokeys, the biggest thing I was most apprehensive of was the sole width. Purely for aesthetic reasons, since I prefer a more narrow sole. I still wish the sole looked a little smaller, but I've gotten accustomed to it, and no complaints. With that being said, I'm extremely happy with the wedge. It can pull off all the shots around the green. High, low, roll out, quick stoppers; it can do it all. No issues with it on full swings, I really like it. I really enjoy using it on half shots or touch shots from 30 to
  4. Still plenty of 3.2 balls at my local warehouse. Less of the gloves, interestingly.
  5. You could give the C130-S a look from Sun Mountain
  6. I actually like the slope function. It's really nice for practice rounds, especially on courses with elevation change. If nothing else, eases my mind during tournaments that I've done the necessary groundwork. Easy to turn off the slope function for tournament play.
  7. I've mentioned this before, but the Caddytek from Costco is solid. I like it just as much as my previous Bushnell, and it's great. They have it on sale for $99 at times during the year, and I would definitely buy it again.
  8. Local warehouse had a ton of 3.2s this evening as well, as it has had for the past few months
  9. Taylormade V Steel were extremely popular for a long time
  10. When I'm not hitting it well, those are the first things I check for. Setup/ball position and grip. It's been drilled into my head that those are the first things to check by my instructor, and it's really worked well.
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