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  1. No problem. That's what I do, I set it up and break it down each time I use it, since there's cars. The iPad and TV is a solid way to do it
  2. Currently, that's my setup. I'll eventually make a more dedicated space, but right now, it works great. I have a Spornia net right in front of the insulated garage door, and it causes no issues in misreads for me in my environment. I'm not sure which material is the insulation though, sorry. This past week, I also added a budget projector so I can see the image on the net/white screen, and luckily the fan hasn't added any interference that messes with the unit. I'm on firmware 0.16.
  3. On Golf Sim Forum, there's been at least one person that has used those I'm pretty sure with good results.
  4. I'd look here: https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/448-personal-launch-monitors/ There are multiple threads about each of them, with comments about the performance of both. Additionally, there are already threads about this subject there, such as: and
  5. I received the product within 48 hours of ordering which was amazing. I had to wait a week to start since I had a muscle pull, but now am 100%. So I finally started the protocol, and after one session I'm excited to see where it goes. Being in Northern California, it'll be nice to quickly see results on the course since we're able to get out with the weather being agreeable to golf. I have a launch monitor and I've already picked up speed and it's stayed in the couple of range sessions I've had since then.
  6. There's a few comments here about the TSW wedges in this thread. Here's an example:
  7. Started up in 2020 again. Long thread ⬇ Also, you created two threads on the same topic.
  8. For the Travis Mathew stuff, depending on location, it can pay off to be patient if you don't need it right away. The quarter zips routinely start at 39.99 or so then drop down to 19.99 with a full size run. The polos go to 9.99 with a full run as well at the local warehouse for me.
  9. Yocha Dehe. Assuming you'll be going down I-5, it won't lead you too far off your path.
  10. I really haven't had issues with USPS, so I'm lucky that in multiple purchases they've arrived here quickly. Bought something off a site sponsor here this week, shipped USPS. It arrived in less than 48 hours, from southern NV to northern CA.
  11. I think these were first around around 2013. These were the generation (I think) before the N1-MB. The N1-MB was recently replaced by the almost-identical MB they have now. These were the offering of blades from Yonex around 2013 to 2016. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/yonex-golf-ezone-muscle-backs/ https://www.golfmagic.com/reviews/equipment/irons/yonex-ezone-forged-mb/16595
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