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  1. Do you have updated pics of the wedges after they have warn a bit? Thanks
  2. I tried to post this video but it wouldn't load.
  3. I appreciate the helpful replies and I also appreciate the replies from the smart-asses haha. Yes I am 6'4" 295. Not sure why that's so hard to believe. I never said my average was 130mph. My post said 127-130. I was simply asking a question about equipment because I know tour pros swing just as fast as I do and I wanted to know if they got new drivers every week or what. Here are some pics for you who want to call bullxxxx.
  4. I'm a 3.4 handicap so not the best golfer but I'm not a hack by no means. I've been to some fitters and I hit it pretty consistently in the middle. I'm 6'4" 295 and swinging at 127-130 mph. The two M1s I cracked, cracked near the bottom where the sliding weight is. The Epic just dented right in the center of the club face. All clubs have been 100% real. I have been able to have them replaced but it is just a hassle.
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the new equipment being produced. I have gone through 2 M1's and one Epic Sub Zero in 2 months. I cracked two M1's and caved in the face of the epic. All within a week of hitting its first ball. I do have a very fast swing speed but dang I wish these products would have a little more grit to them. I played a 915 D3 for 2.5 years and only have minimal flattening of the face. Anyone else have this issue with the new equipment? Are the pro's just changing heads every week or do they get special materials that stand up to stronger swing speeds? Thank
  6. I am looking to join Crystal Falls. I am currently a member at Polo in Cumming Ga but I'm unhappy and looking for a switch. Is anyone a member at Crystal? If so please let me know your pros and cons. Thanks.
  7. Awesome bag!! aren't those SM5s the best?!! I love mine.
  8. I love the 3 wood shaft. I actually bought it used with the whiteboard in it. I naturally launch it high. I had a tour ad-di8 in it before but didn't like how it played but I love the whiteboard. As far as the Speeder 757, best shaft around in my opinion. So much control and stability. I had an original whiteboard in my driver previously but it snapped on me. I bought a Fubuki alpha and didn't like it then went to this speeder and love it. I hate the perforce shaft however. My wife bought me the hybrid and needed a quick x stiff shaft to throw in it and this was my only choice at the
  9. Driver: 913 8.5* Fujikura speeder 757 Xstiff 3 wood: 913 fd 13.5* Diamana Whiteboard Xstiff Hybrid: 913 h 17* Proforce.... Changing to KBS hybrid Xstiff 4-PW: 712 ap2 Dynamic gold x100 Gap: SM4 50* Dynamic gold x100 Sand: SM5 56* Dynamic gold x100 Lob: SM5 60* Dynamic gold x100 Putter: Scotty Cameron California Monterey
  10. Awesome!! glad to hear that. I just bought a KBS hybrid shaft. Gonna put it in and see how it goes.
  11. Has anyone ever put a DG x100 in a hybrid or any steel shaft that is optimal for their swing speed in a Hybrid? If so, how did it work for you? I am thinking about trying it out since they are only like 20 bucks.. instead of buying a $200+ aftermarket.
  12. Looking for a new Hybrid shaft. I love my Fujikura Speeder 757 X in my driver and have a Whiteboard X in my 3 wood. I currently have a cheap proforce in my hybrid and want something comparable to the speeder and whiteboard. Any suggestions?
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