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  1. Looking to see what's out there...mainly looking for newer EAS model or 642 style.
  2. How are you liking the Paderson's still? I am thinking of putting them in my next set and haven't been able to find many reviews on them....care to share you thoughts? Feel, Playability? Ball flight? Etc....
  3. Know the lie angle on the putter? Assuming no offset as well....hard too tell in the image.
  4. Looking for a players iron...with a little more forgiveness than a blade/MB, little longer blade length. Pretty open minded right now...ideally good to great condition, stiff or X-stiff shafts. Miura MC-501's are on the short-list.
  5. Title says it all....looking for a new to good condition swag putter...gamer condition is fine too. Head preference is Savage Too or Handsome One. Looking for something different than stock ideally...so show me what you got. Please provide images and prices in your response. SS
  6. Hey...looking for Swag wood covers...Driver, Fairway and a Hybrid...(notably a fairway and hybrid) Looking for new or used but in good condition. OPEN to individual covers or possible sets. Please PM pics and prices. Thanks, SS
  7. Hey all, Looking at changing things this year and giving the bag a new look. Looking for some higher end headcovers preferably leather, but might look at some higher end OEM titleist covers as well. Looking for Driver, fairway wood, and hybrid....Dormie, RMG, etc... Might also entertain a mallet putter cover as well....cameron, swag, etc.... Please respond with pictures and prices. Thanks, Jason
  8. Thanks for your input. No real struggles (so I think...lol) for yardage....I just want to avoid having a 150yd PW and 125yd gap wedge so a 25 yard gap in the scoring zone....just wondering if I would be better off going with a 48*, 52*, etc... set up instead. I have room for an extra club in my bag as well so adding an extra wedge isn't an issue either.
  9. Pretty boring post for you don't you think??? I want to see what else you got stashed away in the vault!!!!
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