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  1. It wouldn't make any financial sense to sell just the 3 iron...I would likely be losing money after fees and shipping.
  2. Ma/66 is now Sold! Just the CMB's left...let's get them sold tonight and I can mail them out tomorrow!!!
  3. Its $hitty for sure...hoping the new admin would have cleaned up and weeded out the transients by now...why I stopped posting on here..just turned into a $#!% show selling anything!
  4. @Ben Berube @Sabumnim3 I see some things haven't changed on WRX....lots of people claiming to buy and falling through...is it still okay to call people out publicly like I used to so people can get black listed by the long time veterans on here who build this site??? Anyways...i210's (and wedges) are still available for the moment to those who expressed interest....hit me up I was got hit hard with a bunch of false messages...first to message and pay gets them!!!!!!
  5. lots on interest in the i210s...preference will be to sell with wedges if anyone wants to step up.
  6. As mentioned I have never had it measured, but I suspect it should be stock Piretti specs...i have never had it adjusted.
  7. Thanks boys....feels like I have been out of the game for far to long....good to be back!
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