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  1. not after 5:00 pm est. only stupid peacock which I refuse to download and featured groups on the app.
  2. Are these/were these available on the website? Club Cameron seems like a waste.
  3. A little underwhelming. Maybe it will look better in person...
  4. Subscribed yesterday, worked great on my 75 in Sony/android tv. Had to come in to the office today. Tried to logon from my iPad, no dice. Says I don’t have a subscription. Go to espn + customer service...40 minute wait. needless to say, I won’t be reupping after this weekend.
  5. I bit the bullet too. Obviously not a huge amount of money, but would be great to be commercial free for a premium service.
  6. PGA TOUR LIVE Coming Exclusively to ESPN+ - ESPN Press Room U.S. looks like it’s coming in 2022. Is there anything golf related on espn+ currently that would be worth it. Worst case ill just pay 5 bucks for the month and then unsubscribe. Appreciate anyone’s thoughts. sorry all. I now see this is already being discussed in the tournament thread.
  7. Thinking about pulling the trigger on espn + to watch pga featured groups today? Has it replaced pgatour live, or is it included in subscription? Try as I might, couldn’t find a definitive answer anywhere.
  8. IN Wolf’s defense, I have to think the powers that be at pgatour live told him to talk a lot and be “entertaining” and he took it too far. I can’t imagine him being that annoying otherwise.
  9. Was thinking the exact same thing. Certainly hasn’t been skipping meals during the layoff.
  10. This is pretty bad. Going to go play 45 minutes away, because the course three minutes away is closed. Still better than this though.
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