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  1. It's been 4 months since I've played a round in temps below 90. Plenty of shirts make 90 and humid more bearable. The Nike polo isn't one of them. It's a lifestyle shirt, not a performance shirt, and that's too bad.
  2. My PGA Championship release order didn't ship for several days. My US Open release order shipped pretty quickly and arrived the same day (Monday) as my PGA items. I did pay for overnight shipping on the US Open release because it only cost $2 more than standard shipping ($22 vs $20 for standard), so maybe that sped up the US Open items. I liked both the white and blue covers from this release but sold the red one.
  3. Golf Galaxy has the Winged Foot Roshe G Tours, AM 97s, and Victory Tours. Might check other retailers too.
  4. The PGA Championship release is up now. Weird.
  5. A couple other eBay shipping notes I've learned the hard way over the years. Hope this is helpful. If you use USPS or FedEx to ship, any disputes must be handled through eBay because you are using the eBay account to get those rates. If you use UPS, you dispute with UPS directly because eBay makes you use your own UPS account. You cannot use FedEx through eBay to ship from the mainland to Hawaii. FedEx has placed an embargo on the eBay account that prevents any mainland shipments to Hawaii. The embargo has been in place for years. There is absolutely no warning of
  6. When you use FedEx through eBay, the shipping cost you are quoted is an estimate. FedEx doesn't determine the actual cost until the item has been shipped, then they inform eBay who then charges you. So the warning is to not take the shipping estimate eBay provides as the actual cost. This is why you get billed later for the shipping cost rather than how eBay handles USPS shipping. For USPS, the cost is determined upfront and you purchase the postage in advance. Of course, if the USPS determines the weight or dimensions is incorrect, they can still charge you for the difference through eBa
  7. My Jordans were badly packed as well. They used one of those big boxes meant to ship 2 pairs of shoes and had no packing material. When I opened the shipping box, my shoes and paper were just bouncing around loose in the big shipping box with the shoe box completely bent out of shape. The lace locks were in a little plastic bag that I only found when I went to throw the shipping box away so I don't know if they were originally in the shoe box.
  8. I'm guessing the OP has found a headcover by now as it's been 14 years.
  9. Got the email with this coupon. Member since October 1997. What to buy is the question.
  10. I realized my omission immediately after I posted, but I was too lazy and/or incompetent to edit it.
  11. I've used the SParms "shawl' sleeves for the last 2 months here in TX. These are much better (lighter, cooler, better fitting) than the Nike ones and better than the Pearl Izumi cycling sleeves I used to wear while riding centuries in 90-100 degree heat. They do not make me feel any warmer, and when there's even a slight breeze, my arms feel a little cooler. I can't comment on durability as I've only worn them for 10 rounds and a couple light cycling rides, but they seem to be holding up well so far. I'm a fan and will buy more if I ever need to.
  12. This one should be good until midnight central tonight (8/21) SCEX11441-UCMUE
  13. I received a 15%off code good through 8/31. UGTMB949Q4T
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