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  1. I like the look of yours swapped! But I'm biased because I love the blue and white color combination. I've got the navy and white bag myself. I'd swap out the zipper pulls and straps too! Although I just checked mine, and I don't think the zipper pulls can be done.
  2. "Our records indicate that you experienced a payment processing issue while attempting a purchase earlier today. Your funds were authorized but not processed." Order cancelled.
  3. The hooded shirts were my favorite too. I got a black and a gray and wear them pretty much every day working from home. Really comfy, light, and stretchy fabric. I got a couple shirts for my wife, and she really likes them as well.
  4. I guess the releases are just going to be random now. At least the site seemed pretty quick today. Got the cover, peace putting disk, and coin.
  5. As annoying as the new eBay payments thing sounded at first, I've adapted and don't really think about the change anymore. Now my play money sits in a Capital One checking account instead of PayPal. In either case, I don't withdraw any money from sales until a few days after the buyer receives the item, no matter where I sell or what payment method used in case of returns. But I still like using both eBay and BST. I like selling clubs here on the BST. I like selling everything else on eBay, and I get way more on eBay than on here for most things. Plus, I can list a bunch of it
  6. Interesting. I didn't realize the limits were changing. Probably doesn't affect the big time flippers who have already set up LLCs or something similar, but that's certainly a problem for the average Joe. Time to sell everything this year!
  7. The Wanderer bags have lower resale and are great for a light carry/range bag. I love my Wanderer from the Cinco release a few years back and use it all the time for executive and par 3 courses. The Pathfinder stand bags are harder to justify using because you could buy 4 Vessel bags with the net profit from selling a Scotty stand bag.
  8. This is not entirely true. For most of the US, it's not an issue. You would only have to report this on your taxes if you exceed $20k or 200 transactions in a year. Some states though (like Virginia, maybe?) have stricter limits, and those guys are screwed. But ebay does have to keep track of your sales transactions now because they are a payment processor. It's no different from before when PayPal was keeping track of all of that.
  9. Feels like it's been a while since the last Tyson Lamb thread. Just think of the Lamb business model this way, and you won't be disappointed - Putters for Show, Accessories for Dough.
  10. Kind of random, but a couple polos and a couple t-shirts just dropped in New Releases for members.
  11. Ebay fees can be annoying, but as others have said, your items get so much more exposure there, it can be worth it. Also, I like being able to charge actual shipping costs to buyers on eBay as well as being able to use the reduced shipping fees through eBay. Sending a bag with the ebay shipping discount is so much cheaper than shipping it outside of ebay. That being said, I won't sell clubs on there. Too many flaky buyers get buyer's remorse with clubs. The BST is the best for clubs.
  12. My purchases from the Hawaii and St. Patrick's releases this year both took a full week before they shipped out. But my Masters purchase shipped out the same day. I don't know if there's any rhyme or reason to it.
  13. I also agree. I had the regular and wide in the same size, and the sole was the same size on both. Only the upper was different. Wish I could wear these because I like the look, but they are a no go for me.
  14. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Ben Hogan out of Fort Worth sells putters too.
  15. The more mainstream Texas options are Piretti, Edel, and Artisan. All of them offer putter fittings if you're local. Another option, though I don't know if he's really taking orders or not, is Dave Billings' Machine Starter company out of McKinney. Plenty of his old Machine putters are out there, but his business suffered from poor customer service. The putters were great, though. For options really off the beaten path, there is a company called Pruvn (previously known as Strok) out of Dallas that makes golf accessories but also offers putters. I have bought ball mark
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