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  1. My purchases from the Hawaii and St. Patrick's releases this year both took a full week before they shipped out. But my Masters purchase shipped out the same day. I don't know if there's any rhyme or reason to it.
  2. I also agree. I had the regular and wide in the same size, and the sole was the same size on both. Only the upper was different. Wish I could wear these because I like the look, but they are a no go for me.
  3. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Ben Hogan out of Fort Worth sells putters too.
  4. The more mainstream Texas options are Piretti, Edel, and Artisan. All of them offer putter fittings if you're local. Another option, though I don't know if he's really taking orders or not, is Dave Billings' Machine Starter company out of McKinney. Plenty of his old Machine putters are out there, but his business suffered from poor customer service. The putters were great, though. For options really off the beaten path, there is a company called Pruvn (previously known as Strok) out of Dallas that makes golf accessories but also offers putters. I have bought ball mark
  5. Just for a data point, the Scotty US Open stand bag I got last year came in a Sun Mountain box. The last Scotty staff bag I got in 2019 was from overseas.
  6. I don't think this is the worst release in terms of aesthetics. I like the look of both the ZIT and VT2. In fact, it's probably the only version of the VT2, I would get. I do think it's the dumbest release, though. How can you have a Masters release that has absolutely no connection to the Masters? As other companies have shown, there are so many Masters-related things to work with even if you don't want to do the green. And how can you have one of the expected shoes not release until May? I get that the world is experiencing unprecedented supply chain issues, bu
  7. I read your comment while wearing a Champion t-shirt, which I am wearing because I'm working from home and don't plan to go out today except to do some light yard work. Though I have been spotted wearing it to the gas station from time to time. It's a nice, functional, inexpensive shirt that I don't mind getting dirty or ripped. That's how I have always viewed Champion stuff.
  8. Difficult question depending on the method of valuation. My car isn't worth anything, but it's also very hard to replace as Mercedes hasn't sold a stick shift in the States for 11 years. My Artisan putter wouldn't sell for anything because it's so customized. Maybe 200%? $1k Car and $2k bag.
  9. They also appear to have a few of the rescue and blade putter covers. But if you liked last year's set better, they have all of the 2020 season opener headcovers available - driver, fairway, rescue, blade, and mallet.
  10. I don't think Hideki ever wears models that are available in the US. Asics has a more extensive lineup of golf shoes in Asia/Australia that we never see here, and personally I don't think the US gets the best of what Asics has to offer at all. I like the Gel Ace TOUR 3 BOAs and am always tempted to just order some on ebay and see how they work out.
  11. I didn't know these would be so desirable. They are available online from Golfdom. I have ordered from them in the past, and they are very reliable. https://www.golfdomgolf.com/collections/taylormade-2021-season-opener-limited-collection
  12. That's amazing considering this membership kit isn't anything special. I guess the spike in Scotty resale prices during the pandemic has led to more interest in the membership.
  13. Membership kits are taking at least 8-10 weeks to ship out. You are right in that range now, so yours may ship out soon. But it's not surprising you haven't heard anything yet.
  14. I'm still gaming my i25 driver and 5w. I also have the 3w but never use a 3w anymore. I've got a Rogue Silver in the driver, and it's just comfortable for me. I keep trying new drivers, but nothing has knocked it out of the bag yet. I've got a SIM Max I'm trying out now, so we'll see. The i25s are the oldest clubs in my bag. I've gone through half a dozen iron sets, a bunch of wedges, several putters, and 4 golf bags, so it's not like I normally stick with anything for very long.
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