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  1. I ordered the Roshe Tours when they popped up. This is my 3rd attempt to get the white with BLACK swoosh from NDC. The last 2 times I've ordered I received white with WHITE swoosh. I'm not hopeful this time, but maybe 3rd time's the charm?
  2. There are at least 20 bags that have sold for over $2300. The Scotty secondary market is crazy. Like sneakers and watches and baseball cards and vinyl records and Legos and many, many collectible things.
  3. I do the same thing if there's something I really want - check out with that one item first and then see what's left after. The extra shipping hurts though. Years ago, I would email the store, and they would combine the orders and refund the extra shipping cost, but those days are long gone.
  4. If you haven't already purchased it, it's gone. The bag is already sold out. Things in your cart are not reserved for you like the good old days of the previous Scotty website, unfortunately.
  5. I guess limiting memberships still didn't help the site out. It seemed better for the last couple drops last year, but it's not doing too well today.
  6. I like Boston bags, so I like this year's kit. This will be the first kit I've put into use since the Sunday bag. Used the Vessel backpack for a bit but ended up selling it. Never could figure out what to do with the den caddy, so sold that as well. But obviously, everyone's needs differ.
  7. Took an L on the Nike app the moment it launched. Took me all of 3 seconds to get all my info in. Size 9. Got 'em on Trendygolf.
  8. Flight Runners, ST Gs, and 11s - that's my rotation. I've heard good things about the ADGs as well but haven't tried any of them.
  9. I meant to reply to this earlier but haven't been on the forums in a few weeks. Yes, I got tickets through the One Club ballot. I received notification in October for practice round and Thursday/Friday tournament rounds. I then got another notification in November for Saturday/Sunday tournament rounds. So I'm guessing they had multiple draws. I think I read somewhere that they prioritized applications that included kids, and I had requested a youth ticket for each day. So maybe that helped my chances. They also mentioned there would be a platform to resell tickets in January, but they weren't allowing resale above face value. I'm guessing there will be more options there for anybody who didn't get tickets in the lottery.
  10. Ping just released a limited Varsity collection that includes an L8 with a double strap. https://ping.com/en-us/shop/products?category=onlineexclusives&collection=VarsityCollection
  11. Selling some extra Swag covers to get more covers. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees. All covers are sealed and include their stickers. Guile -$125 $OLD Harley Queen - $140 $125 Scary Berry Ghoul-Aid - $140 $125 Thanks!
  12. This statement is completely the opposite of my experience. Nikes have always fit me consistently well up until the past couple years. Now they are way too narrow for the most part, so I've switched to Adidas for most rounds (Code Chaos and ZG21s). So it's funny to me that Nikes were too narrow for you in the past but now you're wearing shoes that are much narrower in the ZITs. I guess I don't know which specific Nike shoes were too narrow for you in the past, though. I'm thinking of all the TWs and the Lunar models, which fit great. Nike ZITs and all of the AMs are impossible for me to wear because of how narrow they are. Even the ultra comfortable Jordan 11s are tight enough that I have to wear a half size bigger than normal. The only shoes that have really fit are the Roshe Tours and Jordan 4s and 5s. I don't mind that Nike has shifted to the running shoe style recently, but all that comfort tech and style is pointless if the shoes don't fit, which is the case for me.
  13. I'm following this topic because I got tickets in the ballot too and am trying to figure out travel plans. Already very helpful.
  14. Has FedEx changed Smartpost? It used to be that FedEx would handle the package all the way until final delivery, which would be handled by the local post office, but it would never go through USPS processing centers. In any case, I also wonder about how different it is by region. I've had no problems with FedEx beyond a 1-day delay even through the worst of the pandemic last year. USPS on the other hand has been all over the place. I've probably shipped 50 or so packages this year and received at least as many.
  15. I got 2 of these when you first posted about them. I wear them all the time. Super comfortable for everyday wear or for golf. I wear a medium in most brands (Nike, UA, Adidas), and got these hoodies in medium as well.
  16. Flight Runners and ST Trainers are the best Jordan golf shoes to me. 11s are right behind them, but they'd be the best if the fit was better on me. They were the first, of now many, Nike golf shoes that were too narrow for me. I find the 4s more comfortable than the 5s, but they are just okay for golf. I don't recall any previous retros being especially good or bad in any way for golf, and I don't have them anymore.
  17. All PMs replied to. I believe the shaft has standard TM tipping as no specific tipping specs were requested for the build. I forgot to mention I will also include the tool. Thanks!
  18. One item for sale today. TM SIM MAX 9 with Tour AD XC-7 built by TaylorMade with stock TM Tour Velvet 360 grip. Comes with matching, stock headcover. $SOLD shipped. Feel free to ask questions or request additional pictures. Apologies for the crayon on the carpet and any upside down pictures. I won't split unless I have a buyer for both the head and shaft. Thanks! Tommy
  19. Only 14-way bags for me in the cart. Never a 14-way bag carrying. I've had a Ping Traverse cart bag for the past 8 years or so and not once have I had even a hint of club tangle. It's so easy to get clubs in and out, and every club is always exactly where I expect. For carrying though, I don't like 14-way at all. Much more chatter when carrying and definitely not tangle free while adding weight.
  20. I have an old Ping Traverse lightweight cart bag that I used for both golf cart and walking with a push cart. The top of the Traverse doesn't angle upward in one direction like most bags, so I could reverse my clubs in the bag (swapping the positions of woods and wedges) when I switched from golf cart use to push cart. I used a small Sunday bag if I was walking with no cart. Now I use my Linksmaster for everything.
  21. I like the look of yours swapped! But I'm biased because I love the blue and white color combination. I've got the navy and white bag myself. I'd swap out the zipper pulls and straps too! Although I just checked mine, and I don't think the zipper pulls can be done.
  22. "Our records indicate that you experienced a payment processing issue while attempting a purchase earlier today. Your funds were authorized but not processed." Order cancelled.
  23. The hooded shirts were my favorite too. I got a black and a gray and wear them pretty much every day working from home. Really comfy, light, and stretchy fabric. I got a couple shirts for my wife, and she really likes them as well.
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