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  1. One item today— Selling a Scotty Cameron Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 . In really excellent condition. Plays 34.5” with blacked out shaft and ping man grip. Original shaft/grip also included (plays at 35”). Original HC included. $old obo shipped via UPS.
  2. Genuine question—not trolling; potentially looking to buy—performance-wise, how does this compare to the standard flowback 5.5? I’m gaming it now and love it.
  3. Thanks. Probably going to keep it for a while. No real sense of what it’s worth but a lot of folks thought the seller didn’t ask nearly enough. I wonder how many have the original packaging. 1998 doesn’t feel like it’s that Ming ago but then you realize it’s over 20 years! Lord I’m old...
  4. It’s never rolled a ball. It would be a sin for me to be the first. 3-putting in style...
  5. 1998 Scotty Cameron Newport Art of Putting Oil Can. Original and mint. Still has plastic wrapping on the handle. Even prettier in person. Wow.
  6. Bought this beauty from a really great guy on another forum. He bought 2 back in 1998. Gamed one and this one was left alone. It’s still got plastic on the grip and it is as mint as anything you’d see in your pro shop circa 1998. Original HC and paperwork too. Oval Titleist cavity as well. So pretty. Pictures don’t do it justice.
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