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  1. Turned 59 in October, handicap still around scratch. 7 iron is about 165-70. Been playing recoil now for a few years, mostly due to elbow problems. Messed around with several weights and flexes, started with recoil proto 125 F4, ended up settling down with 95 F5 in standard recoil. I did try steelfiber in 95 stiff, just prefered the feel of the recoil.
  2. CBX 2. Love them, I just replaced my PW with a CBX 2 46 degree. Lots of spin, I like the bit of forgiveness. The sole really works for me but I could see for some where it wouldn't.
  3. 3 years ago, I switched to the same Nippon Modus Tour 120 X shafts, and within a few weeks deleloped tendinitis in my left elbow, and I already had some problems with my right one from before. It started slowly, then got very bad, by the end of the summer I could barely hit balls/play once a week. I first tried elbow braces, which helped some, but ended up moving to recoil shafts. I tried 125, 110s, and finally settled on 95 F5's. I still have a set with recoil 95 protos, which I like, but I don't think the extra cost was worth it. I tried a couple of sets with steelfiber, but prefer t
  4. Just picked up one up myself, used. Not a stokelab shaft, and it has a superstroke grip and a sight line in the flange. Also has the 40 gram weight, feels a bit heavy, I might change the grip and shorten it a bit, but it looks great behind the ball and rolls the ball beautifully.
  5. Playing my club championship this weekend, 3 rounds Friday-Sunday, one round to go. Temperature has been highs in the mid 90s, and on Friday I ran into trouble. I thought I had a bunch of my salt in my bag, after the round started I looked and only had 4 left. I had one Gatorade, but thought I would be ok Round started great, 3 straight birdies, the some loose shots turned in even par. 3 putted 13 from long distance, next hole had about a 20 footer for birdie, and as I was walking up to the green my hand started to cramp up. I shook it off and actually made the putt. But up on the next h
  6. Club championship started yesterday, shot 74, I won back in 2016 starting with same score, but now I'm 6 back tied for 4th. Had my best start ever in a tournament, 3 straight birdies, then pulled an 8 iron on a par 3 which bounced further left and in the green side hazard. Bogyed the next hole when I caught a flyer with my wedge approach and went over the green on an easy par 5. Bounced back with a nice birdie on the next, but then 2 more bogeys, didn't make a par until the 9th. Settled down and made a a lot of pars on the back but started getting cramps on 15. Bad finish going bogey bogey
  7. I use Salt Sticks and just drink water. I have used Gatorade some this year, but it doesn't do the job of the Salt Sticks. When it is really bad, I may take one on every tee box here in the east Texas heat and humidity.... But I also have the 90 degree plus rule, if it is over 90 when I'm starting, pretty much no walking. A couple of weeks ago it was in the low 80s in the morning on the weekend and I walked 18 both Saturday and Sunday no problem. It got to the mid-90s by the back nine, but it was not as humid as normal, so it was actually pretty good for walking IMO. For me, the humidity
  8. Great thread. I have struggled with this for years. Sadly, I used to have a swing thought when I was young of rotating around my right leg, which is a horrible move, probably was the start of my EE problems....this leads to what is described here, and a "flat" hip turn.... I think this video nails it. Monte has some good videos on youtube on EE on the feel of getting it right IMO. One swing thought I have used is the right rear pants pocket goes back and then towards the target and zipper goes back.
  9. You sound exactly like me. I have a few rounds where I make some, but just not very often. I had one round this year where I made 8 birdies, but had 6 bogies. Most rounds a couple birdies, probably an easy one on a par 5, hit one in close a for a birdie, just no 20 footers, miss a few short 6-8 footers for par after a mediocre chip or pitch, one bad tee shot and a penalty shot or two, and it's mid 70s. So frustrating...
  10. As a Patriot once said, aim small, miss small. Picking a very specific part of the cup, basically the back of the cup on a two footer does change the "focus" of the putt, hitting your spot vs hoping it goes in the hole.... And the looking at the hole thing, I have tried it myself, just never seemed comfortable for me. I've been messing around with looking about a foot in front of the ball on short putts (2-6 ft), and visualizing the ball rolling over my spot and then just "making it happen", kind of a hybrid of looking at the hole.
  11. Played a couple of 2 man best ball tournaments over the past couple of weeks, didn't do very well, played average and my partners were not on their best games either. Just tried my first real tournament of the year this week, State Mid-Am match play. Didn't play great and couldn't make enough 8-10 footers to get past the qualifer. They cut to low 32 for match play with a one round of stroke play. I shot 74, on the number for a playoff, but it was 10 guys for one spot. We went off in fivesomes, first group was 4 pars and a bogey. I was in the second group, one guy hit it out of play and pi
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