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  1. Caught about 2 minutes this morning before leaving the house. Looks like sunny, benign conditions today? Some low scoring today?
  2. RBZ 3 Hybrid. Nothing's come close to kicking it out the bag.
  3. Strong showing by the South African contingent!
  4. Can do much better than that. Got mine in great condition off eBag for $180.
  5. I have a very feel oriented game, and it's driving me nuts from a consistency perspective. For example, I'll go to the driving range and work on my irons. I'll find a feel that works for the session, and I'll go home feeling good about my game. The next week I'll go to the range and work on my irons with the same feel. But nothing works. So I find another feel that works, and then the rest of the session goes well, and I'll go home feeling good about my game. And the cycle continues. I find a feel that only works for that day that doesn't seem to carry over into subsequent sessions. Consistent search for something new that works on that day. I hate that I can't find consistency in my game and that I'm dependent on fleeting feels each time out. Just wondering how you rid yourself of "feels" in your game?
  6. Were those numbers taken hitting off a mat?
  7. How did they play different for you?
  8. Odd choice of bedfellows.
  9. So we have folks saying EXO is firmer and we have folks saying EXO is softer. GolfWRX perfectly summed up :)
  10. After spending years on the BST I've discovered ..... My handicap has not changed one iota with new clubs clubs. Has made no difference at all. So I'm calling quits on BST for a while.
  11. What do you not like about the insert?
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