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  1. phew.. thats still a.really good price.
  2. Im sorry wha ???? i just fell off the bed reading this . u can get epon 302s for 125 usd per head brand new????????????? im speechelss..................... buy 100sets considering i just payed 220 from the factory direct not 3 minutes ago for my chum and from my old buddy at EPON id be " amazed -dazzled - startled bewildered and shocked if they are real for that price............... unless someones has totally lost thier marbles and is chopping out below cost. mine ill take them now. if u dont wan them IF THEY ARE REAL. who the farrk is selling these for that price.. ill pay more , call me !
  3. i gamed )and stil do on a few ) all the ones up to the last cpl of protos and agree with mark on his reviews. my all time faves are the 2f15s or prob the ORA . why the heck did i sell those!!!! 2ga18s are the funkiest flight of all of them and are intoxicating watching the flight , like a f16 raptor taking off. when sergios on watch his mid iron ball flight its THE thng of beauty. those are perfect for my style of play. if somone wants a set or 3 pm me . i have dps 2g18s stx super peening blue s super peening orange s 125 x 125 s 120 x monacco S think thats it. injury is a real be- a t-ch!
  4. egg seven / egg1 ,egg , rs , tour drivers. egg 15*/17* nabla tour 18* fwds idbl,tr50,md900,nabla tour,speed irons tr round sole, flat soul, nabla tour, multi forge, id tour black wedges egg distance, tour balls thank thast whats left of my PRGR range over. the only JD OEM co that still kinda gives a s*** about their quality. the rest, forget them past 2012012 ish, they all joined the US dark side POS long ago. get most of these for really good prices now .
  5. hmmmmmm, besides a boatoadsof idiosycracies i wonder if its bec he looks massively jacked on roids?
  6. i played these.. typical tourstage feel. crisp and dense. too much of a square rectangle look like all T/S mbs for me , i tried most of them , esp the 8/9/.pw like miura i cudnt reconcile that boxy look. fell wise i said crisp and i dunno how they did that, must be a different steel used by tourstage and yamaha, or maybe old balls bec. they arent typically ENDO soft like onoff,epon,prgr, they were a real pro level mb tho. worth now?? sorry bud , no more than 2 bob
  7. This model is forged/made in Jp sold
  8. yea this will suit nicely then. .. masda do one very similar... ive gamed that a lot , again shape dependant but the finish is spot on . benock as well
  9. yes, Its my putter . custom made. its s a hand made , hand forged not machine milled custom . feel is super soft ( copper) and sound is duller at impact than ur expect from a micro milling. its a good distance control putter I find. I use it on faster greens when I like the ball to die at the hole . he one u want is a bit firmer, a bit tingier, faster ball release than my one, better on slower greens its not as big. with a higher toe and heel. get one if u like the shape, doubt u will regret it
  10. All good stuff from these guys, the MB he does are some of, if not the most agressive mbs in the game , ULTRA thin top lines and thin sole, zero offset to speak of, precision at the highest level.. This is a good Di, nothing negative to speak of.
  11. oooooooooooooook... Chrissy drop. tourstock $890 cresent $675 both for $1250
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