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  1. Dude. Seriously. Are you reading what you are saying? Yes, ok. So is everybody else. HELLO? That is not "all those things being equal". Low compression balls can be either low spinning or high spinning, low launch or high launch. The conversation is regarding COMPRESSION. That means you are comparing balls with the SAME launch angle and the SAME spin. COMPRESSION is the only variable being discussed. And when COMPRESSION is the only variable, DISTANCE is unchanged. Period. End of discussion. Yeah, if you manufacturer a ball with lower compression, AND higher spin, AND a higher la
  2. First of all, spin and launch angle are both completely independent of a golf balls compression. A low compression ball can be either lower spinning or higher spinning than a high compression ball. The compression is not the determining factor in either of those variables. Second of all, you can't be serious with this logic. If you were to take your normal swing in non-regulation spikes with your feet higher off the ground, your launch angle is going to be affected. By your argument ("Launch angle can affect distance, right?"), SHOES are now a factor of distance. That is not how any of this
  3. Nike had their own R&D team, which was led by Rock Ishii, who had been with Bridgestone prior to joining Nike. They designed their own models, and did the research and development, and Bridgestone manufactured them. Initially, Bridgestone made all of Nike's models, but after a few years other manufacturers were used to make some of their line, while Bridgestone continued producing several models. Rock Ishii is currently with Callaway Golf. Ping never made Nike balls, and Nike never made their own balls. They do not own a ball plant. It might have contributed to them getting out of t
  4. The information I provide isn't "this is what I think and I have no data to back it up". Where do you get your data/information? Mine comes from first-hand robotic and player testing during 10 years of working for one of the largest golf ball manufacturers in the world. Your chart shows COR at different clubhead speeds (I'm guessing this is a robotic test with on-center hits), but it doesn't show what happens on off-center hits, or the difference in launch angle or spin rates. Surely you'll agree that launch angle and spin rates can affect distance, right? And compression has an affect on
  5. None of what you just said is true but believe what you like. Yes, it's absolutely true. Believe what you like.
  6. If compression had no effect on anything but "feel", wouldn't most models be low compression? The majority of players prefer a soft-feeling ball, so why would manufacturers make high compression balls? The fact is, compression affects more than just feel. A lower compression ball will launch higher and spin less off the driver than a higher compression ball. This is a benefit for many players because a common issue is low launch/high spin. So a softer ball might produce a more efficient trajectory and reduce the amount the ball curves. As far as distance is concerned, a firmer ball wil
  7. Wow man, you just had that in your back pocket? Haha golfers amaze me. Lol! I worked for Bridgestone Golf for almost 10 years, so I have a lot of stuff like that in my back pocket! I have a question for you then. Can you tell me anything about the Bridgestone Proisme iron. I got a set and there is almost nothing about them on the internet, other than in Japanese. I have a really good knowledge of Bridgestone clubs up until 2016, but I've never heard of that model Christen. I know it wasn't a model that was ever available in the U.S. It may have been something that was made for the Asian
  8. Wow man, you just had that in your back pocket? Haha golfers amaze me. Lol! I worked for Bridgestone Golf for almost 10 years, so I have a lot of stuff like that in my back pocket!
  9. Believe it or not, the stampings on a ball do influence many consumers. I was with Bridgestone Golf for almost 10 years, and we did a lot of market research on this kind of thing. One thing we learned was some people didn't play a Bridgestone ball because the logo (at the time) was "too long": They didn't like how long the word Bridgestone was, and wouldn't play the brand for that reason. When the "Tour B" or "B Stamp" logo was first tested, they initially sought feedback from staff players who played the PGA Tour. Their reaction was very positive, and from the moment a glimpse of it
  10. The Bridgestone e7 was a very low trajectory ball. Unfortunately it is no longer being made. In regards to a high trajectory ball, the e5 was very good, but it has also been discontinued. Both can still be found at retailers though, at least for now...
  11. The 2016 version that has the Tour B logo are exactly the same as the ones with the old Bridgestone Golf logo. They made a running change on the logo, but there is no difference in the ball. You're correct on the 2017 model. I just haven't added it to the timeline yet.
  12. This should help: Regarding the weight, it can be removed and replaced with a heavier or lighter screw, but it cannot be moved to a different position because there is only one. A heavier screw will increase the swingweight, promote more of a draw, and increase the trajectory. A lighter weight will do the opposite.
  13. The thing is, the balls that you are getting were most likely not found in the woods...they were found in the water. There is a big difference.
  14. If you mean the sidestamps used, I can help with that:
  15. When you place your order, specify the swingweight you would like your irons to be (within reason) to avoid having to wonder what they will be. If you don't, depending on the company, you could get irons that are close to their stock specs or they could be pretty light. Remember, when you custom order clubs that are longer or shorter than a company's standard length, or a different shaft option is chosen, don't assume that things like the swingweight will not change. But it's best to include your preferred swingweight just like the other specs you want.
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