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  1. Any suggestions for driver shafts that match up with this in and X flex. Currently using a HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.0 60g. It’s working, but the ball speed coming off the Ozik is much faster (relatively) and the shaft just feels so smooth.
  2. phizzy30 thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Actually wondering the same thing myself. Hopefully someone has a suggestion.
  4. Saw them in JIN YOUNG KO’s bag at the ShopRite LPGA event today. They looked really nice.
  5. Congratulations!! Quite an accomplishment!
  6. I have the same exact experience as RobotDoctor. Finally selected (Wednesday practice/Par 3) and have to wait two extra years. Ironically, after I submitted my application for 2020, I joked that I was about to be rejected for the 25th time.
  7. I’ve played both. Initially changing from S300 to X100. The x100 did lower trajectory slightly and tighten dispersion, again just slightly. Possibly due to a better fit. It also seemed that the trajectory was more consistent. I have also played X100 soft stepped once and twice. Currently playing X100 SS 1x. I’m not sure what it is, but the X100 always felt livelier than the S300. Never liked the feel of the S300. Best thing to do is get an extra head that matches your set and shaft it with an X100 and see how it performs.
  8. I found that practicing with a metronome helps. Seems that 60-80 beats/min is the suggested range. I found that 75-76 is my pace. Having a consistent routine has also made a huge impact. I cannot recall who the pro was, but he did a YouTube video on putting routine/practice using the metronome. The basis of his routine was to look at the hole, look at the ball, look at the hole, look at the ball, pause, backstroke, stroke all on the beat of the metronome. You can also count the steps as you go. His sequence may have been a bit different. Just find a sequence that is comfortable for you. This has also helped with longer lag putts as well. Takes the thought of mechanics out of the stroke.
  9. Not sure how you guys see the dent in the 2nd pic. I cannot see it…even after enhancing the photo. Remember the 1st and 3rd pics are from the buyer and only the 2nd pic is the sellers.
  10. Eagle Lakes is a bit less expensive than the high end courses. Played this time last year. Wasn’t difficult to get a tee time. Also, Lely Resort has an all day range deal short game/chipping area, putting green and range. (unlimited balls). I believe it was around $30.
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