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  1. Any recommendations for this type of profile? (Which is similar to Modus 130 or KBS Tour V, but for woods?)
  2. 1) Cleveland 588 TC Tour Concept Heads. 3, 5-PW. These were Tour Issue only from several years back. Heads are in decent shape overall, grooves have plenty of life left but note 9 and 6 irons have some chrome delamination. Hosels are screen printed “Jolly” (were a tour reps clubs, I believe). Hosel is .355. Lofts are tweaked slight strong, off 45 degree PW, 33 7 iron, etc... 3 iron is 21 degrees. Lie is standard. $SOLD shipped and PayPal’d. 2) Project X PXi 7.0 4-PW with Jumbomax Ultralite Small grips. Grips have some minor wear, shafts are in great shape. These play .25” over standard I believe. Ferrules might be salvageable. $SOLD shipped and PayPal’d.
  3. As a follow up I find the feel of the 125 S+ to be out of this world compared to PX and even x100/s400
  4. I went from PXi 7.0 to Tour V 125+. It is heavier and softer. I believe it frequencies softer than PX 6.5 although weight is very similar. I would expect the Tour V to feel slightly better, presuming you don’t prefer the PX feel which is board(ier).
  5. Couple of mint PXG items. Gen4 9* Driver - X model - Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 6.0 - stock length with Jumbomax Ultralite Small grip. Will include two head covers, wrench, and a new OEM PXG grip. Hit less than 20 times, it’s mint. $Sold shipped and PayPal’d. Gen4 15* Fairway - Project X Evenflow CB 60 6.0 - stock length with Jumbomax small grip. Will include head over and new OEM PXG grip. Hit less than 15 times. $SOLD shipped and PayPal’d. Trades considered for driver shafts with TM tip and other fairway woods (Titleist or TM preferred)
  6. Cobra king F9 One Length Iron Set 4-GW, Aldila Rogue Pro 65 Graphite Stiff Shafts, Jumbomax Ultralite Grips. Standard length, 2* upright lie angle. Jumbomax Ultralite S grips are virtually brand new. Clubs have been used for 3 rounds, minimal wear, excellent condition. $SOLD shipped and PayPal’d. I am open to trades!
  7. Some are custom some are based on open molds with minor changes for branding, lofts etc…
  8. It’s really tough. I recently switched to Jumbomax Smalls (which are still quite large) and tried a couple fittings since and it was frustrating trying to handle standard grips. Walked away feeling like nothing in the fitting made sense. I do recall a TXG video where Ian took the time to blow on a larger grip for a customer. That’s really the only legitimate option I see, but 99% of fitters would unfortunately never bother
  9. Potentially flatter/more shallow with a longer shaft, but there's more to it than that.
  10. New P790s. 4-PW,AW. Stock DG 15 S300 VSS shafts. Stock lie and loft. Length is standard except PW is +1/4” and AW is +1/2” (so they are the same length). One round on them. 4 and PW are unhit. $sold shipped and PayPal’d. No trades.
  11. My order has arrived just need to pick them up from the pro shop. For reference, I ordered stock shafts but custom lengths and grips. Ordered was placed August 1.
  12. Their prices dropped when they went DTC, pretty simple market reality and smart by them.
  13. I did not find them clicky at all at my fitting, they felt soft and powerful and relatively quiet at impact
  14. I should have been more specific - descent angle is steeper than previous gen. Not sure about launch
  15. In my fitting I was told they fly higher and spin slightly more than the prior generation. I have no data tho because I have not played the gen 2s
  16. King Utility 3 iron. New Project X U utility shaft, 6.5 110grams. Shaft is Pure’d. Ungripped @ 39.5”. $sold shipped and PayPal’d.
  17. Tom Lehman and Bernard Langer roll like this. I love it.
  18. I believe it ends Thursday or Friday
  19. I demo'd and ordered them on Saturday. They are really crisp looking - the finish is very satiny, similar to the satin you see on the Mizuno JPX line. The clubs felt great and were definitely long. The TM rep explained that they dialed spin back in to improve angle of descent and worked in new/different speedfoam to increase consistency and avoid flyers. From testing, I would agree that was the case.
  20. Mavrik SZ 4 Wood fairway. Ventus Red 9x. Plays at 42.5”. Jumbomax Ultralite Small grip. Head in pretty good shape save a couple top line sand marks. Comes with OEM headcover. $300 shipped and PayPal’d.
  21. charge me what you want for the shafts and install but don’t charge me full price for the irons when I’m only getting the heads, otherwise I want two sets of shafts.
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