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  1. Hi folks! A few items for sale. Nippon Modus 120x 4-GW shafts - $sold KBS Tour-V 110 S 3-PW shafts - $sold DG S300 3-PW shafts - $sold TM 2017 M1 15 deg 3 wood head - $sold Oakley Fast Jacket XL - $80 Oakley Fast Jacket XL. Light gray with navy accents. Lenses look like persimmon but a shade darker. Case included. $80
  2. Just got this today while perusing the classifieds.
  3. Got redirected from classifieds to this just now
  4. I got the amazon one earlier today. Yes its a redirect. I'll grab a screenshot next time it happens. Its infrequent but still annoying
  5. I have been getting them too on my phone. Not really a pop up but getting redirected when trying to view classified listings. This just started recently
  6. Got a few things to unload. M1 3W head 15 deg. Headcover included. Only played for a few rounds, some wear on the sole. Some tiny nicks along the topline, not noticeable at address. $160 Callaway Apex MB 3-PW with KBS Tour V Stiff. Bought these on here and only hit a few times at the range. Not for me, but the heads are in pretty good shape. 4-P have yellow ndmc that are in ok shape and 3i has a lampkin in good shape. $380 Bettinardi BB8 34". Has a fairly new lampkin iomic style grip. Has a couple of small nicks on the top line. No headcover but will ship protected. SOLD Shafts Tour AD BB 6X with TM adapter. 43.875". Played about 45.25" in my M1. $160 Fujikura Speeder 757X with TM adapter. 44". Played about 45.5 in my M1. $100 Fujikura Speeder Tour Spec VC 7.2 S. 41.75". If I recall correctly it played 43" with my 910F. If anything maybe a bit longer. Scratch on the tip just through the paint, and the graphics are a little worn. SOLD
  7. [quote name='randywildman' timestamp='1444545701' post='12440960'] Kirk was a goat most of the week. If he had made any putts he could have won a couple of points this week. Man that putt was clutch though. Day goes 0-3-1 who would have thought that. [/quote] II don't think so. That was a big putt on 18. I'd say walker had the worst week
  8. [quote name='IHFN' timestamp='1444545495' post='12440946'] Just because it ended on a shot you weren't expecting doesn't mean it was anti-climatic. The last two hours have been so damn intense and full of awesome shots, horrible shots, horrible putts, and awesome putts. That was one of the best tournaments I've watched in awhile. Kirk really sealed the deal by making his putt. This was 100 times better than most Presidents Cups Great stuff. [/quote] I agree. I've been up late watching the last 4 days. And what was up with all the Zach hate, dude went 3-0-1...
  9. [quote name='triplebogeyblues' timestamp='1444543880' post='12440792'] The moment got the better of Bae, and now he has 2 years to think about it. [/quote] That bunker shot was money
  10. Last pairing was clever. Son of the host country vs son of the cap
  11. [quote name='randywildman' timestamp='1444542419' post='12440678'] kirk got lucky ! that guy sucked the whole event [/quote] He played good yesterday. Bae and hideki made like 7 birds on the front...
  12. [quote name='jarvis' timestamp='1444542244' post='12440660'] Need lahiri to pull a bubba... [/quote] Need to win the lottery...
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