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  1. GoStars, very true. I would be tough for a member to help out a stranger when member is financially liable if the stranger decides to back out of the deal. But with wedding reception at club corp, I would have to put down $2000 deposit to secure the date/time and pay full amount 10 days before the reception date. If I dont pay the full amount, club will not refund the deposit and sponsor member will not be responsible for it for the cancellation. But I will even pay the full amount to secure the date/time to so that whoever is helping me out will never be put into situation where they are re
  2. DFW Snowman, thanks for the answer but I was inquiring if any member can help me out to sponsor me so that I can use the facility to host to wedding reception. All member has to do is give me their name and club number number so I can forward it to the event planner.. if not member can directly contact event planner to provide their info.. So if any member from Hackberry or any club corp country club member, please help me out.. Thanks Kevin
  3. Hi, Is anyone here member of Hackberry Creek or any club corp member? I am getting married in September and need help from a member to sponsor us.. If you can help fellow golfer I would greatly appreciated. Please PM me if you can help me!.. Thanks Kevin
  4. True phx White/Navy Size 9... looking forward to it..
  5. Alternative.. only downside is person sells them as a set of 6. http://www.etsy.com/listing/66661287/angry-birds-golf-club-headcover-set
  6. I'm still playing with old wedges.. need to upgrade.. never experienced Miura products. Pick me, I would love to get hands on Miura Wedge...
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