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  1. I play the Ping Blueprints (a very angular/sharp players iron) and I found deciding on what gap wedge to be quite a challenge. I settled on the RTX4 50* with an S400 stock shaft and haven't looked back. Bent lie angle 2 degrees flat, fits my eye perfectly, and it's a nice transition between my Blueprint PW and the Glide Forged SW/LW. It's my money 115-125 yard club.
  2. I really want to order a weak 3 iron in the 770 to sit between my 5 iron and 5 wood.
  3. Do you really use your 60 degree wedge for full shots like that? And opened up as well? Man, everything I'm trying to accomplish from that range has to do with keeping the trajectory low with a lot of spin. Opening up a 60* from that distance just sounds like trouble (for me at least)!
  4. I got to see the 425 lineup in person today by accident. I showed up to the range I typically practice at and the Ping rep was there with the drivers and a 3 wood. The fairway wood looks very nice from the top, much more traditional look although it sat closed to my eye. The LST and MAX looks great. Max is a little rounder/taller and the LST is a slightly smaller package. I told the rep that I played the 410+ all last year but that the SIM beat it out this season. All she said was, "You'll be back next year." Haha. While I find that unlikely (love my SIM setup currently and I don't
  5. Thank the lord. Sorry for jumping to conclusions, just didn't understand what I was looking at in some of these photos. I thought it strange that Ping would mimic the Taylormade M1/M2 design/color.
  6. Is that seriously what it's going to look like from the top? Oof, absolutely loved the muted blacked out look of the 410+ (which I gamed all last year and part of this year) but the 425 looks like a downgrade in the looks department in my opinion.
  7. City, State? Boston, MA Handicap? 3.2 Current hybrid/utility iron head? P790 UDI Current hybrid/utility iron shaft? HZRDUS Smoke What flex Nippon Modus3 Hybrid GOST shaft do you want to test? X Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YES!
  8. The site performance and mobile experience have been great. Miss the forum hamburger menu though, hopefully we get that back!
  9. As an aside, how the hell did you guys manage a migration out of what I am assuming was IPB to Vanilla and back again (presumably to a newer version)? They had to be unique migrations each time that required custom coding to be done no? Anyway, major props to you guys. I gotta say the several days of this site being read only made me super sad, but I'm happy it's back now and seems to be better than before.
  10. You know, I play a P790 in a 3 iron in my set and I found the P770 to feel more "solid" and more comparable to my Blueprints than the somewhat "hot" feeling of the 790. The first few I caught low on the face which I will say felt like I was hitting a 10 pound ball but didn't hurt my numbers too much. Overall I thought the 770 felt good and for my preference I liked it more than the feel of the P790 but not as much as my Blueprints (not sure anything can top them for me).
  11. Magic eraser with some water is all I needed to take off white tee marks on the face and bottom of the club. I've been gaming the SIM now for most of the summer, finally decided to ditch the hacked Ventus Black I had purchased of BST and instead had my Accra TZ5 retipped and put it into the SIM. I could not be happier with the performance. Currently playing the 10.5 down at 8 degrees, love the way it sets up behind the ball, and this shaft just works so well for me. Been averaging 300+ yards off the tee with it for the past several weeks. Side note: I made some changes in m
  12. I just went into PGS SS and asked them if they had the demos yet. Guy says no, but I looked into their cabinet and saw a bunch of 770 7 iron heads sitting in there. How do you as an employee working the fitting bays not know if you’ve got a new release from a major OEM in yet?! Anyway, hit a few 7 irons with DG S300 and was impressed by the spin numbers. Was hitting a pro v1 about 185 with 6200ish spin. I’m guessing the slightly less jacked lofts help but I was impressed.
  13. Looks like the P770 3 iron is 19.5 degrees stock. I was thinking about getting it 1-1.5 degrees weak, since my current P790 3 iron plays at 19 degrees and I'd like to get just a tad more out of it yardage wise.
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