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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.
  2. How are knock down shots? Do you find they go nuclear at all? That was my biggest issue with the i10s. What shafts do you have?
  3. I'm a 1 handicap that plays about once a week. I had played Ping i10's for years but got into a rut this year. On a whim, i put my old Eye2 + no + irons with zz lite shafts back into play. Maybe it was just the change that did it, but my game rebounded back. There is something about the head shape that just suits. Anyway, I would like to get the benefit of some more modern technology. I picked up a G410 iron and found the head shape eariley similar to my eye2's. It got me thinking that these could be a good fit for me. I'd like to try and mimic the same setup I have now. Looking at
  4. How about in central NJ? I have a club I want done.
  5. I'm signed up. Fellow member and playing partner, dpb5031, suggested I give this putter a try after watching me struggle on the greens this year. He has almost 4000 posts so he must know what he is talking about! Beyond that, I am very intrigued by the technology. It would be great to give it a try.
  6. how I'd The shaft feel after being tipped half an inch? I am going to get in in my m2 driver. I needed something between the 5.5 and the 6.0. I guessed a half an inch
  7. I had a PM Grind 64 bent to 62. I ended up grinding it pretty aggressively as I felt it played to more bounce than listed. Maybe it was just the size of the club. I really did like it when done, but my friend liked it more, so I gave it to him,
  8. I remember reading an article in Golf Digest or Magazine by Greg Norman back in the early nineties. He highly recommended putting out of bunkers if there was no lip or rough in between the bunker and the green. I have used that technique several times over the years when getting down in three was all I needed. You may look like a chopper while doing it, but if it gets the job done it really doesn't matter
  9. I pretty much just use my Titleist SM4 62 with 7* of bounce. If it's a longer shot I will sometimes use my SM5 M grind.
  10. I've seen variation in clubs before. Mass market clubs don't always have the most precise tolerances. I still have the plastic on the head, I may try to do an exchange at a golf galaxy. I think they still have a lot of these in stock
  11. I just got my replacement in. I hate the way it looks. The face is much more closed than the previous and sits with too much forward shaft lean. I'm afraid it will be a hook monster.
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