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  1. Really appreciate the recommendations; I have some homework to do. I think I would be willing to up the max a bit if could find a place that doesn't require caddies on weekend mornings. Figure ten rounds is an extra $1,000 minimum right there. Totally fine with no pool but prefer a social place to get a beer and meet new people or get into a card game.
  2. After years of wanting to join a club, the deck may finally be shaping up to pull the trigger Summer 2020. I'll be moving back to Jersey (somewhere in the Union/Maplewood/Ironbound area) and am looking for recommendations on affordable options (likely max out around $5k for the year all in, food minimums, etc.). Even better would like to do a season preview to see if the private club thing is for me before laying out an initiation fee. I'll be 31 so may qualify for some junior memberships but seem like different clubs vary their cutoff. Wishlist: - Above all, good golf. Would plan to make
  3. Not in your target area, but highly recommend taking lessons at Five Iron Golf in NYC. They offer individual lessons or packages which include time on the sim. It can be a pain getting into the city, but not a bad way to keep the game fresh with a simulated 18 on the sim each weekend and fantastic lessons. For what it is worth, went from a 23 to a 12 with one lesson a month and range time. All the simulators are Full Swing and believe they have TrackMan for lessons but not certain of that.
  4. I think it is important to have an open conversation with your fitter before you begin. When I did mine at CC a few years ago; let him know what my goals for my game were and what I was willing to spend to get there. I think it helped produce an honest fitting where he knew I wouldn't plop down $1K+ on a driver setup. We still worked through all the top shelf options and got to see for myself what the difference would be. At the end of the day, even the most expensive set up couldn't beat my Adams gamer. Similarly, we decided there was no real need to bag a 3w and filled that gap instead with
  5. Not sure if this is the right spot for this, but does anyone have launch and spin numbers on an old RIP vs a new HZRDUS black in a driver? Whatever it is, don't love the feel of the latter and thinking about picking up a cheap RIP on the bay and popping it in an adapter. Haven't hit a RIP in 5 or 6 years, but remember it feeling pretty good and was happy with the flight I was seeing. Working on hitting up on the ball still, but thinking a lower spinning shaft is a good place to start. Have a Club Champ fitting next month, but realistically wouldn't drop $400+ on a shaft if something can give m
  6. just curious, did you adjust the lofts or just that the stated lofts came from the manufacturer off a bit?
  7. Thanks for the advice. Tempo is everything in my swing; when I get fast instead of staying smooth, my miss is all over the place. Have a few inches of lead tape on my 6 iron now around the hosel, but doesn't feel heavy enough. I'll give it a go on the emblem to see if that makes a difference. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have a limited work space so putting down the shaft from the grip end would be better if I am doing the work myself. They do feel light compared to the other set in the rotation (which is where I got the D7 number from). The JPX are in KBS Tours at 130g and the MP67s are in C-tapers at 125g; same length, different grips. Took a look on Golfworks and see the grip saver. Would I be able to add some tungsten powder and the cork through the existing grip? Any idea how much I'd have to add?
  9. Play a Recoil 110 f4 in my DI and can't speak highly enough about it. For context, C-Taper S+ comes in at 125 through the rest of the set and driver shaft comes in at 68g with SS in the one teens. The f4 just feels smooth which is what I'm looking for with my driving iron especially on holes where I want to find fairway to skip on driver. Use it off the deck plenty and very similar flight to off a tee.
  10. I'm looking for some advice on how to up the swingweight on some Mizuno JPX900 Forged irons. I ordered them direct from Mizuno last year at +0.75" and with grips in the box. I suspect they used lighter heads to make up for the extra length. However, when I threw on oversized Lamkin grips, it brought the swingweight down to about D0. If I swap down to a lighter oversized grip or even a midsized, I'll probably get to D2. I'd prefer not to paint the clubs with lead tape the rest of the way. Any other advice? I did talk to a rep at Club Champion and he quoted me around $50/club to pull the heads,
  11. Yeah, I don't like the look of either core - both off-center. That would mess with my head. Too bad, I'm a Srixon fan. It looks centered in the top picture. Even so, who cares what's inside if you're hitting your window off the tee and sticking it close on the greens? XV was a beast last season and still have plenty to carry me into next season. Performance was great, but have to comment above average durability compared to a ProV or TP5
  12. When would fitters like Club Champion and such get these in house? After dropping some hints, my gf got me a full bag fitting for Christmas. Still haven't scheduled it. First week in January reasonable?
  13. Can we see a fujimoto down over a ball? How's the offset and blade length? Thanks
  14. I'd be interested in the shafts if you find someone who takes the heads
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