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  1. Just traded in an Apex hybrid that I can’t hit very well for an outlet condition MD 4 60 degree. Got the hybrid in the buy one get one sale at Christmas time. Ended up only being a $9 difference and I think the trade in value was more than I paid for the hybrid.
  2. Small loops are great when you have kids. I have a yearly pass to a public course that has a few small loops. You can play loops of 2, 3, 4, 6, or 7 holes in addition to your regular 9 or 18 options. The loops are great when you want to take your kids out and they don’t have the attention span for a full 9. My daughter loves going out for 3-4 holes because after that point she starts to get disinterested. I just moved office buildings with my company but at my old building I was able to drive to the course, change shoes, walk 3 holes, and get back to the office in about an hour. It was fantastic to be able to do that on lunch breaks. I would also much rather go play than hit balls at the range, but I have never really liked going to the range.
  3. Yeah I worded it wrong. What I meant to say was only buy from those places online and stay away from the other smaller places. My bad
  4. I would tend to shy away from non big box online retailers(Hurricane, global golf, budget golf, etc)when it comes to grips online. Too easy to fake.
  5. Really kicking myself for not jumping on this.
  6. Old Kinderhook is probably the class of the area for public play even though I personally wasn’t a big fan. Just didn’t fit my eye. I really liked Eldon Golf Club. A lot of it is value for me too. I don’t think Kinderhook was worth the price tag but at Eldon got more than my money’s worth. Only other course I have played is The Oaks at Tan Tar A now Margaritaville and it’s was just OK, not bad not great either. If you can get on Porto Cima don’t hesitate though
  7. Both courses I grew up on are no longer open. Detweiller golf course a 9 hole par 29(par 3’s and the last 2 were really short par 4’s) in Peoria, IL. Was right on the river and prone to flooding but was great for kids. Also Donovan Golf Course in Peoria, IL. Both of these were run by the Peoria Park District. Donovan is now a park operated by the same park district with a restaurant that bought the clubhouse and operates out of it now.
  8. I’m a 46S in a suit jacket(regular cut, not slim) and 38 waist, would the XL sweater work or would you recommend sizing up?
  9. I think the best would be a mixture of the 2. For instance the basis of the article would be Kiawah or Pinehurst or insert whatever destination here, then also talk about the hidden gems around those hit destination areas. Now this obviously doesn’t work everywhere, ie. Cabot, but finding the hidden gems in destination areas is what I would like. For that person that can afford one expensive round on a trip but to be able to do that needs to keep the remaining rounds of the trip on a tighter budget.
  10. Just found this thread and wanted to piggyback on it. I saw the comment about between Christmas and New Years being the busiest, how is it in early December? We are heading down first week of December 2020. My father in law who doesn’t play much wants to possibly play so we might do 9 holes on property with the sunrise special deal($35 for 9 holes w/cart, breakfast sandwich and coffee or juice pre round and then a beer or soft drink post round). But I also will want to play a round by myself one day possibly. Won’t have a car as we are doing the magic express, likely will use shipsticks since not many chances to play in late Nov/Early Dec here. Looks like resort guest rates range from $60-$99 when we are going depending on what time of day. Was hoping to stay under $70, for convenience without having a car, would I be better off just playing a course on property? I think we are staying right next door to LBV.
  11. Budget Golf, pretty sure global doesn’t either.
  12. Did you check to see if the color you originally ordered was still in stock before returning the wrong one? I feel like they gave reasonable options personally. More and more places don’t do exchanges on e-commerce unless there is a brick and mortar store that you can physically take it into due to the ever fluctuating inventory.
  13. Went with the XL for myself and then got a couple Christmas presents knocked out for my brothers to get to the free shipping. I know it’s not as good of a deal as with the code, but $15 for RLX is dirt cheap.
  14. I’m still thinking about getting some shirts because even at $15 they are a great deal. Which cut are the RLX shirts? If I remember correctly RLX makes 3 different cuts. I wear an XL in Adidas and Nike so would I be ok with XL?
  15. Looks like promo code is dead ?had a bunch of stuff in my cart but hesitated pulling the trigger
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