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  1. Excellent condition, used for one full round, I just prefer my Gen 4 more. $180 shipped
  2. Not looking for any trades, CONUS only, price includes USPS priority shipping Cobra Radspeed head in 10.5* of loft, peacoat color scheme, comes with headcover and wrench, great condition. SOLD UST Attas Coool 6S with Taylormade driver adapter (goes up 2* and down 2*, not a TP adapter). Played right around 45.5" in a TM M6, been sitting around figured someone might be interested. No tipping or anything, shaft was purchased new and built by Victory Custom Golf in SC. SOLD!
  3. Good used condition, used rarely as I still bag my Adams. Has a slight face mark from a early morning sandy range ball, but other than that, great condition. Comes with wrench and matching headcover, stock Tensei Blue 70HY Stiff Flex and Golf Pride grip. $160 shipped USPS CONUS only not looking for trades
  4. Amazing! These are my favorite TP irons they've released. These are non-conforming I believe?
  5. Used for exactly one round, love it, just too much loft for what I need. NOT looking for any trades, CONUS only. 10.5* of loft, comes with headcover, purchased new from Golf Galaxy. $375 Shipped SOLD!
  6. I must have discovered I’m color blind by using these. Everyone says they are easy to track but I personally cannot find these things to save my life. I love the way they feel, but I lost a full sleeve on two holes on shots barely off the intended line. Would totally give them a try in different color variations though.
  7. Just got these, and used for one round, not for me (I need a little more help than these provide haha). Standard Length, Loft and Lie, all bone stock PX LZ 6.0's in stiff 4-PW SOLD! shipped CONUS only, NOT looking for trades will come in original titleist box as well
  8. In very good shape, this actually got beat out by the Tour Edge C721 which is shocking to me haha. Only played a few rounds, NOT looking for trades Epic Speed 9* with headcover and wrench SOLD!
  9. I’ve had all three, head size and forgiveness goes IMO (largest to smallest) i210, x forged. CBs. i210s for me were the straightest but also spun the most for me. I was about 1/2 club to a full club short of my normal distance with the i210. The CBs were pretty small for a CB iron blade length wise, top line was ok for me. After playing the i210 for awhile I just got used to that look, so a lot of standard CB irons look small to me. The 18 x forged probably my favorite of the three from a looks, feel, playability perspective. If I could find a
  10. For those who've hit this or currently bag it, did you loft up in it? Just wondering how low spin it is. Typically i'll play standard Callaway heads (Mavrik, and Epic Speed) in 9*, and their LS variants in 10.5* of loft. Wondering if i go 10.5 with the option to loft down in case (I typically fight hooks as my miss).
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