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  1. Old topic, i know. But do you have any pic's of these?
  2. Thanks for this. Yeah, i did say i wanted to avoid the left miss, and i guess this is a great way to do that. Practicing tonight, it feels like the more i clear and turn the straighter the ball goes, without ever going left! You are right about Jack. Also Fred Couples is pretty cupped and it the top too.
  3. That is possibly what i was doing. My grip is on the stronger end. I felt like sometimes i was early extending, perhaps in order to square the club up, as i possibly knew it was too closed. From there, its easy to miss both ways!
  4. Hi All I went for a lesson last night. First one in a long, long time and the first time with this instructor - he is a bit of an "old timer" but came recommended. I have been playing good golf this year. One swing change that i have incorporated is to ensure that the leading edge is in line with my back at P2 - square or slightly closed position. My wedges have been particularly poor though, so decided to go for the lesson. The instructor asked the type of shot i like to hit. I like straight, but happy with a baby fade. The shot i hate is a pull or hook. I have enough speed not to need to hit a draw and my experience of such has been to often get too handsy with a draw. He had me cupping the left wrist during takeaway and at the top, then turning through the ball to the left. Obviously, with all you hear about the flat or bowed left wrist being the way of teaching now, i was very skeptical about cupping the left wrist and feeling like the club was open. But within a couple of shots, the ball was flying, long, high and straight with the occasional slight fade. Wedges were pure and my driver as straight as it has been ever! So, does anyone know why cupping the left wrist works for me? The instructor said it allows me to turn more and stay in the shot, but that just seems to contradict everything i have read or seen on youtube for the past 5 years! Unfortunately, i dont have a video. As i say, this guy was pretty old school. Thanks
  5. Price drops on the SIM 2. It is in fantastic condition. Taking offers.
  6. Hey WRX'rs Got a couple of great drivers for sale. First up, a SIM 2 Driver 10.5, with a Tour AD DI 65X shaft. Shaft is the model that is made for True Spec Golf, by Graphite Design. Shaft has been SST Pured. Headcover included and never used. There is info on this shaft on GolfWrx. For me, the numbers between this and a Ventus Blue 6X were near identical during fitting. Shaft was $300 from Tour Spec. Head is in fantastic condition. A few tee mark scratches but apart from that, it's perfect. Note, there is a tiny gap between TM adaptor and ferrule on the shaft. Brand new Lamkin UTX Midsize grip. $440 shipped. $330 for head only shipped Next we have a TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver. 13.5 degree. With Aldila DVS 70s shaft. 43inch playing length. With head cover. Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Grip, standard. This thing is a little hammer. I don't know how, but it really doesn't come up much shorter than a driver. Club is in great condition. It is not far off new. $SOLD shipped.
  7. Thanks In a neighborhood west of the road that runs past the cradle. My road runs between hole 10 and 11 on Number 3. Will be offering it on Air BnB from Oct. GolfWRX discount, of course!
  8. Hey Im in Hoboken, NJ. Looking for someone in North NJ area who can do club builds / repairs. Sick of going to the clowns at PGA Superstore in Paramus! Thanks
  9. Settling 3 x Black Modus 115 Wedge Shafts - very hard to find. All with new golf pride midsize grips. Length shows in the image. Pulled from brand new TM wedges. $200 for the set .
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