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  1. I gotten caught up in this as I know someone personally (not mega famous but small(ish) national profile) who has genuinely had their life ruined by an allegation. I have no insight on Thorbjorn's guilt or innocence he might be guilty but I am passionate to a fault about the unqualified presumption of innocence not just in a legal sense. The person I know was innocent still has people thinking he is capable of dark things, it's ruined a decent man.
  2. Nice as a filler but once the tour is back I'm not sure an event like this needed. Think the skins game in Japan, OK appetiser for the main event but the tournament was much better.
  3. I did and I don't disagree but the point I'm making is the quotes are open to interpretation in terms of witnessing criminal behaviour not just the unruly obnoxious stuff which isn't necessarily criminal. Going round in circles now.
  4. "...getting that belligerent take a level of malice that is indicative of some pretty dark stuff. I’d be wary of what else someone like that is capable of" No outrage just thought the above was fairly dramatic.
  5. You know I'm referring to the alleged serious criminal stuff, you've just cherry picked a quote to fit your stance. Poulter’s agent, Paul Dunkley, said “He [Poulter] then went to sleep and the first he knew of anything else was when the police were waiting at Heathrow.” Doesn't sound like a witness to me.
  6. Personally I think a private club can do what it wants so I wouldn't criticise them. If they discriminate on race, religion etc. I would criticise that but single-gender sporting clubs are traditional and I'm not sure it's the problem some make out. When it comes to ANGC or Muirfield, Scotland, for example, when they host events like The Masters or The Open its blurs the line a little on the "private club" thing and they can't avoid the negative PR side of being men only etc. If a club wants to remain true to its origins then they miss out on these things hence Muirfield has adapted but am I r
  7. I'm not too critical as I genuinely think they do a lot for the game. There are other "very exclusive" clubs that are less high profile and don't get the scrutiny that ANGC get's with regards to the make up of their membership.
  8. I have read that Daly himself thought he was worthy of a pick in 1991 and 2004 but fair play to him he concedes he didn't merit a pick on other occasions.
  9. Not sure if its underrated but I didn't particularly enjoy it as a major championship venue but I can't put my finger on why that was the case. The tournament there has generally been very good especially the 2008 and 2010 versions, two of my favourite wins/stories.
  10. I was thinking more about this and was wondering if Woods is speculating or has he had some sort of biomechanics assessment that's meant he's come to this hypothesis. I imagine he'd have access to that kind of process if he wanted it. Is it true he was running in military boots at one point?
  11. Infinitely more interesting than the other match with the quarterbacks. I will watch this.
  12. Big assumption you are making that his employer has insight. Poulter was on record in the press as not having seen anything and if one of the witnesses was another player or caddy we'd more than likely know about it. You suggesting Pelley has spoken to complainant/witness before he made a decision. It reeks 100% of kicking the can down the road so they don't have to deal with it, complete cop out. I get it but it's gutless and unprincipled. If guilty I hope gets hammered I just find this approach insane. If the opposite happens then the suspension doesn't get undone or the loss of earnings etc
  13. Yeah just hang him now and not bother with the trial.
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