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  1. I order a G425 Max driver stock (9* Tensei Orange) on Wednesday that is being delivered tomorrow.
  2. Mine was also custom, same D+ shaft cut to 45" and different grip as well.
  3. And now my order status has changed to "Partial Backorder" and a new chat rep, "Justin" informs me all orders have been cancelled by Nike. Even though my order was placed prior to them announcing exiting the equipment business. I am pretty pissed off about the situation and the terrible communication from tgw.com. Tgw has always been the worst.. I try to avoid ordering from them at all costs. I saved the chat transcript from last night, the guy word for word told me not to be worried and to expect to receive my order. The different one today, told me that guy was wrong and he should've known. And they offered me nothing, not 10% off a future purchase, credit anything to attempt to keep me as a customer. So I'm pretty sure, I'll no longer order there. I also placed a custom order from TGW, on August 1. Mine still says processing, so I guess we'll see what happens.
  4. golfdealsandsteals.com has RBZ fairways for $130, stiff and regular flex. Not sure how the condition will be but seemed like a good deal. http://www.golfdealsandsteals.com/Default.aspx
  5. This was posted yesterday in this forum. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/685794-best-craigslist-ad-about-golf-ever/
  6. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6s shaft with authentic Titleist Surefit adapter, just launches too high for me. 44.5" end of grip to end of tip. Newish cross line cord grip. Note the some of the paint came off of the adapter when I pulled it from another shaft but everything still plays fine. Tipped .5" before install into adapter. Sorry for the bad pics but all I have is an iPhone. Let's start at $SOLD OBO PP and shipped CONUS Priority Mail.
  7. it's only for sale items EDIT: nevermind, I swear I've used this on golf stuff before.
  8. [quote name='xerpro' timestamp='1337886314' post='4971948'] But love the fact that it says "PIMP" forged.... [/quote] I guess it does kind of look like that, haha.
  9. I was looking into building a set of forged irons on a budget, noticed these 2 irons. I'm not the best ball striker in the world, play to about an 8 mainly due to driving and short game. I play the original AP1's right now. Anyways, the MPF of these irons are 714 and 635, respectively, while my AP1's clock in at 765. However, I am wanting something more appealing to the eye. Can these irons really be that forgiving? I know I can just buy one club head to try out, but was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts. Thanks.
  10. The Titleist on those grips looks huge too.
  11. I placed another order this morning since my original never shipped, and the new one shipped already, go figure.
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