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  1. Thanks for the input! I think I need to start eyeing the drivers. I’m looking forward to seeing the g425 in person!
  2. Putter is money. An older Betti that won’t leave the bag. A workhorse!
  3. I am trying to determine what order I should update my set in order to get the biggest bang for my buck. I am an avid player and get fit for my clubs. Once I get them, I keep them. I shoot in the low 80s consistently. I replaced my Ping G15 Irons with a set (5-gap) of Mizuno JPX 919 forged in June and I like the irons quite a bit. Now, what should I upgrade next? Options are: 1. Driver - currently playing a G20 2. Hybrids - currently playing g15 20* and 23* 3. Fairway wood - currently playing G15 4 wood (16*) 4. Wedges - ping glide 1.0 (54*,58*)
  4. Thank you! That’s great! I’ll try the rice heating pad and look into a tenant unit. the shafts are AWT stiffs. That’s all they say. Thanks again!
  5. Twin2L - thank you! That’s what I’m looking for. That’s the second comment regarding grips so I am going to focus on that too. I’m in same boat - some PT, some rest etc. Honestly, my best relief is using a towel off a doorknob for traction. They sell neck hammocks but the towel works wonders. 10 minutes of relief goes a long way. I have some good weeks where I can swing. I’m going to id some irons, shafts and then the grips. I’ve always had pings but I’m looking others this time around. I’ll experiment with a few clubs. Good luck as you recover / work through it.
  6. Great feedback! I will look st those options! I have the AWT steel stiffs in the current set that came “standard” with the g15s.
  7. thank you! Those are the specifics I need. I live in a region with limited options (northern Michigan) so when I go get fit, I like to be uber prepared!
  8. So I am 41 yrs old and have played g15 irons steel stiff since 2012. I was fit for the set and have really enjoyed them. I have had my scoring average down at 80 for a few weeks at time and I have put together some really good rounds. I can play pretty decent. I herniated two discs in my neck and took time off for PT and to heal. I got back to 80-90%. When golfing I don’t think I can go at full force. I’ve been swinging easier and have let up a little bit. I can hit 8 iron 150 yds for reference. What I am looking for is advice on shafts or shaft / clubhead combos I should consider.
  9. I'm pretty steep and I haven't had this issue with my g15s. The wider sole can help with the "dig" and impact. Like I said, I'm not sure that it is it. I was fit for my g15s in the store (white dot). If you don't have golf stores by you, you may find a country club that can do Ping fitting. I was able to do that for one of my clubs by just calling the pro shop and they allowed fittings and purchases for non-members. May be worth a shot! Good luck! The G15s are good clubs and once you hit them, very forgiving. - Jason
  10. Bridgestone held a fitting at a local course (Interlochen Golf Course outside Traverse City, MI). The fitter was great and did a side by side comparison for me of the e6 and B330 RX. The results are shown in the attached image. I immediately played 9 holes with the B330 RX (because I usually play with the e6) and my subjective analysis was: * Distance was the same or even a bit better with the B330 RX on well hit balls * Side spin was worse on the B330 RX on balls that I cut (that is my miss) * Feel around greens was nicer with the B330 RX including a little check with the short irons. T
  11. I club up and play a wilson Duo or a callaway supersoft. Unfortunately, it's sbowing today so that might be the end of it for me!!!
  12. I go 4wood (17 degrees) and the a 20 degree hybrid. The yardage gap is fine. Might be worth looking into.
  13. OP, Do you play the G15 wedges too or another ping product?
  14. Same grips across the set. If I don't, the new club feels like an outlier. If I sell it, I may change it back but not always
  15. I love the no paint fill look. It makes them look very clean and timeless. Thanks for posting!
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