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  1. Well we have hundreds of cargo ships just anchored off our west coast right now and no truck drivers to pick up the containers once they actually get on land so yes, that’s probably the case.
  2. PXG is also the only OEM that has ever personally called me 2 months after I purchased something and asked me how it was going with the club (all I bought was a driver and driving iron from them).
  3. $250 shipped east of Mississippi for the Sim Max.
  4. This is all the rounds I play. I’m always playing on shaggy, Bermuda greens and my speed control is terrible no matter what putter I have in the bag. I’ve just resigned myself to the fact I will always be a terrible putter.
  5. There are no courses on St. Pete Beach or really anything worth playing that you could get on within 45 minutes of St. Pete Beach. Mangrove Bay is a muni, only about 20 minutes away and is probably your only option within a 45 minute drive.
  6. Can you link to where in their website or where on here?
  7. That’s a terrible example. Since you used Tesla as some sort of unrelated example, let’s use Tesla in a hypothetical. What if Tesla’s top engineering teams left Tesla and went to work for Bobs Motors, a new startup specializing in electric cars. Would you say, oh well they’re so far behind they’ll never catch up to Tesla? I just looked at Dicks Sporting Goods (probably the shop most casual players are buying balls at) and the Wilson Staff ball is the same price as the ProV1. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/wilson-staff-model-golf-balls-20wsfustffmdlwht1gbl/20wsfustffmdlwht1gbl You can also get ProV1s at a pretty nice discount too if you wait until a certain 2-3 week period on March/April every year. You say PXG makes good clubs make “that isn’t enough to take over market share.” I think it’s pretty clear from this forum alone that they’ve gained market share, particularly over the last year. You certainly see a lot more PXG clubs in college and amateurs bags now too as they have bag and club deals with several very good college golf programs (SMU, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Vanderbilt, Arizona to name just a few). Personally, I had almost every new Ping driver release going back to the i20. The Gen4 0811X is a better driver for me than the Ping G410 or 425 at almost half the price.
  8. Driver and putter still available. Make me an offer!
  9. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good swing coach in the Tampa Bay, FL Area?
  10. If you’re interested in selling those Z Stars please PM me.
  11. How does 48 balls last 100+ rounds!? I can barely get a single ball to last more than 9 holes without cutting the cover (almost exclusively play Srixon Z Star and ProV1).
  12. Thanks for answering my free shipping question. I really want to pull the trigger on these but my experience with used balls in the past was pretty bad. By the time I threw out the unplayable balls I was almost paying as much per ball as I would have had I just bought them new.
  13. So it’s going to combine the camera with the Doppler technology?
  14. How do you get the free shipping?
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