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  1. The golf itself was exciting and is most weeks without fans rushing the course before the final pairing can even get up to the green.
  2. There are ropes out there for a reason. It’s not “powerful.” Those people looked like imbeciles.
  3. Why isn’t every player in the field using a rangefinder? In fact other than Phil, it seems like none of the leaders are using them regularly.
  4. They’re the same people who, had they played, would come on here and say “the tournament never should have been played under these awful conditions!”
  5. Holy smokes. That’s a little out of my budget!
  6. Any idea what the platform he’s standing on is? I couldn’t make out the lettering on it.
  7. Any idea what mat/set up this is that Bryson is using?
  8. Are you sure about that? I don’t see it on their schedule. https://www.espn.com/watch/schedule/_/type/upcoming/categoryId/6fa31473-a322-3ed5-ac85-4e76b37065f3/startDate/20210517
  9. Does anyone know if there will be coverage of any of the NCAA regionals this week? Golf Channel says they’re broadcasting them but when I go to their TV schedule for this week I don’t see anything.
  10. What’s the best public course to play in St. Augustine for a wedding weekend? I’d say most guests would be averse to paying for rounds on either of the World Golf Village courses unless there is some sort of discounted green fees in not seeing anywhere.
  11. I’d play Lakewood National Commander (and Piper) course 3 or 4 times over one round at any of the Streamsong courses for the rates Streamsong is charging now in addition to caddy fees and having to walk.
  12. It was terrible prior to COVID. They’ve trying to operate and charge you for a 5 star resort and service with Motel 6 staff and Applebees managers. EDIT: realizing this is unfair to Applebee’s. They’re far more efficient than Streamsong.
  13. I built a sim set up in my garage for less than $4000. Mevo+ - $2000 Impact Screen - $179 Impact Screen Frame (conduit and fittings) - $90 Moving Blankets for behind the impact screen - $40 Mat (built my own DIY Divot Action) - $75 Projector (Got this as a gift previously so I didn’t actually buy it) - $125 Projector Ceiling Mount - $12 Even with a $500 mat and better projector you could easily come in under $4000.
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