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  1. Even if you do order one now you may not get it until mid January with the lead times they were having on back orders.
  2. I did this same exact thing. The only thing that can be annoying is it’s kind of loud when you hit down on it because of the Lexan polycarbonate but other than that it’s as good a cheap alternative as you’ll find IMO.
  3. If the numbers he’s getting are optimal over a large sample size I don’t see why it matters “what the body is doing.”
  4. I ordered my Mevo+ back in middle to late October and was notified today that it will ship end of this week to early next week. So it looks like lead times have been cut considerably from the 12-14 weeks I was told when I ordered it.
  5. What impact screen is that and how are you securing it?
  6. You could get a Dr. J projector if into will be pretty dark in the area. It's not the best quality picture but they are dirt cheap ($100 or so one amazon).
  7. Joists support the roof. He's not going to be hitting shots straight up and ricocheting at him unless his garage is really long and he's like 20 feet from his net and even then that would be an extreme launch angle to hit a joist. My netting hangs down from a 10' ceiling OP and its a 12' net so there's about 2-2.5' feet actually laying on the floor after accounting for the hooks it hangs from in the ceiling.
  8. I have 18.5’. If I have 8’ between unit and tee and 9’ of flight is that enough to get accurate reading?
  9. PM me when you decide. I’ll take the one you don’t like off your hands.
  10. I was pretty excited to see GG seems to have gotten a new shipment of the Jordan ADG 2s. I have been looking for a pair of the white/blue and finally was able to find some at GG today. Wish I could have gotten the white ADGs as well.
  11. Anyone know what bag UF has this year? Looks like TM FlexTech or FlexTech Lite maybe?
  12. What kind of initiation fee/dues are there at Founders, Laurel Oak, Sara Bay, Lakewood Ranch CC and TPC for someone under 35?
  13. Does anyone have any success with DIY impact screen? I use my iPad rather than a projector so my impact screen doesn’t have to look good. I have a net but anything with a ball speed over like 120 hits the wall behind and I don’t have room to move it out.
  14. If you want to play golf then don’t move to Tampa or St. Pete. The only thing worse than the golf here are the schools for your children. I’d avoid it.
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