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  1. I built a sim set up in my garage for less than $4000. Mevo+ - $2000 Impact Screen - $179 Impact Screen Frame (conduit and fittings) - $90 Moving Blankets for behind the impact screen - $40 Mat (built my own DIY Divot Action) - $75 Projector (Got this as a gift previously so I didn’t actually buy it) - $125 Projector Ceiling Mount - $12 Even with a $500 mat and better projector you could easily come in under $4000.
  2. If you have an iPhone you can also run the e6 or FlightScope software of that and mirror it to a TV if you don’t want to but an iPad or projector.
  3. nice setup What’s your ceiling height?
  4. Meh. A lot of the better kids I played competitive junior golf with as a 11, 12, 13 year old were still the better players at 18.
  5. This guy probably also enjoys watching celebrity pro ams.
  6. Other than the crazy backspin when playing on e6 I haven’t had any issues with the 8’ between unit and ball and 10’ between ball and impact screen. I’ve even tried backing up a foot for an additional foot between ball and screen and didn’t notice much difference.
  7. This. There isn’t even any design needed for a bay if money isn’t an issue. They’ll come with everything needed, pre-designed.
  8. I bought the same screen as you and have a heavy duty moving blanket behind it and it’s really loud. Does the painters tarp quiet it (can’t imagine this being much different than a moving blanket).
  9. Anyone else have any experience with this product? Price point looks considerably lower than what I would anticipate.
  10. Hello, I have a FlightScope Mevo for sale. I have only used this a few times and when not in use have kept in the original box. Works great with an iOS device. I haven’t tried it with any other device. It comes with the charging cord, all but one of the metallic stickers, bag, Mevo unit and original box with user manual. Asking $330 shipped in continental USA.
  11. Anyone know if it matters what launch monitor you have to play online with someone? Could I play online through e6 connect if I have a Mevo+ and my buddy has a Skytrak?
  12. Even if you do order one now you may not get it until mid January with the lead times they were having on back orders.
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