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  1. I did a putter fitting for a LAB Golf putter and it was a positive experience.
  2. $250 shipped east of Mississippi for the Sim Max.
  3. This is all the rounds I play. I’m always playing on shaggy, Bermuda greens and my speed control is terrible no matter what putter I have in the bag. I’ve just resigned myself to the fact I will always be a terrible putter.
  4. There are no courses on St. Pete Beach or really anything worth playing that you could get on within 45 minutes of St. Pete Beach. Mangrove Bay is a muni, only about 20 minutes away and is probably your only option within a 45 minute drive.
  5. Can you link to where in their website or where on here?
  6. That’s a terrible example. Since you used Tesla as some sort of unrelated example, let’s use Tesla in a hypothetical. What if Tesla’s top engineering teams left Tesla and went to work for Bobs Motors, a new startup specializing in electric cars. Would you say, oh well they’re so far behind they’ll never catch up to Tesla? I just looked at Dicks Sporting Goods (probably the shop most casual players are buying balls at) and the Wilson Staff ball is the same price as the ProV1. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/wilson-staff-model-golf-balls-20wsfustffmdlwht1gbl/20wsfustffmdlwht1gbl You can also get ProV1s at a pretty nice discount too if you wait until a certain 2-3 week period on March/April every year. You say PXG makes good clubs make “that isn’t enough to take over market share.” I think it’s pretty clear from this forum alone that they’ve gained market share, particularly over the last year. You certainly see a lot more PXG clubs in college and amateurs bags now too as they have bag and club deals with several very good college golf programs (SMU, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Vanderbilt, Arizona to name just a few). Personally, I had almost every new Ping driver release going back to the i20. The Gen4 0811X is a better driver for me than the Ping G410 or 425 at almost half the price.
  7. Driver and putter still available. Make me an offer!
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good swing coach in the Tampa Bay, FL Area?
  9. If you’re interested in selling those Z Stars please PM me.
  10. How does 48 balls last 100+ rounds!? I can barely get a single ball to last more than 9 holes without cutting the cover (almost exclusively play Srixon Z Star and ProV1).
  11. Thanks for answering my free shipping question. I really want to pull the trigger on these but my experience with used balls in the past was pretty bad. By the time I threw out the unplayable balls I was almost paying as much per ball as I would have had I just bought them new.
  12. So it’s going to combine the camera with the Doppler technology?
  13. How do you get the free shipping?
  14. That’s most likely the problem.
  15. Sort of losing my honeymoon phase with the Gen4 X with HZRDUS Yellow 60. It was a good change at first but my driving has become erratic lately and just don’t seem to have any feel for where the head is. I do really like the head so might have to check BST to see what’s available as far as X shafts go.
  16. I think it depends on where the players on the team are at. On my high school team (one of the better ones in my state and probably top 5 public schools in terms of golf) our coach never gave any instruction at all because she knew every kid playing varsity and the better kids on JV even that may have been freshmen had their own swing coach that worked with them. She also was good at knowing which players liked her around and which didn’t. Some kids would maybe get a little nervous or whatnot when she came around during matches so make sure you get to know that. Our practices after school were putting and chipping usually, then go hit balls, go play 9 holes or however many you wanted and then usually hit a few more balls or some putts and chips before it got dark. Our practices weren’t really structured that way by our coach. I always just wanted to play as many holes as possible while my buddy on the team preferred hitting tons of balls and not playing. She trusted us that we would work on what we needed to work on, go out and play and then decide for ourselves if anything needed to be worked on after practice if there was enough light. One thing I do wish our coach did was hold qualifiers for matches and tournaments during the season. As a freshman during tryouts I was in the 6th spot (this would qualify for varsity but she slotted a senior in that spot). Despite a 74 in the first JV tournament of the year and a few solid 9 hole JV match scores I only got 1 varsity match that year. I feel like if more formal qualifiers were held throughout the season I could have earned a spot in more varsity matches and tournaments. It’s what just about all college programs do and I think it would benefit your high school team as it adds more competition as well.
  17. Sarasota National? I believe you have to live in the housing development in order to be a member there.
  18. This isn’t an attack on your post but something I see frequently with people with elbow problems. Is it really the shaft that’s causing these issues or the swing/turf interaction? I have played DG X100s for just about my entire life (went from S300 to X100 after high school and that was 15 years ago) so it’s all I’ve really known. I hit Nippon Modus and KBS Tours before in demo clubs but never really wanted to make the switch. I’ve had pretty bad wrist and hand issues going on 4-5 years now. How does graphite shafts help that? Reduce vibration? I’m still planning to maintain my angle of attack which can get pretty steep with heavy turf interaction even if switching to graphite.
  19. Private schools like Vandy can also give out virtually unlimited scholarships while public schools typically cannot so I’m not sure your point is we’ll taken. That’s why a school like Vandy can compete in the SEC in baseball and golf. https://www.theadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/lsu/2020/07/23/new-ncaa-rule-helps-sec-baseball-but-really-aids-vanderbilt/5479671002/
  20. Haha I’ve never even heard of a group being able to refuse a pairing like that at a public course. In my experience if you don’t want a random playing with you then bring a 4th.
  21. I think I in the other LAB Golf thread he said they were going to get the price down to $450 when they do the full production run.
  22. It is under 44 but dues increase at 45 to 100%. This is from when I inquired into it: I’ve only played two of the courses and wasn’t a big fan of either. The dues are great but that initiation fee is too rich for my blood, especially so considering with the ridiculous population growth in the area I’ll probably be out of here sooner rather than later.
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