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  1. What’s the best public course to play in St. Augustine for a wedding weekend? I’d say most guests would be averse to paying for rounds on either of the World Golf Village courses unless there is some sort of discounted green fees in not seeing anywhere.
  2. I’d play Lakewood National Commander (and Piper) course 3 or 4 times over one round at any of the Streamsong courses for the rates Streamsong is charging now in addition to caddy fees and having to walk.
  3. It was terrible prior to COVID. They’ve trying to operate and charge you for a 5 star resort and service with Motel 6 staff and Applebees managers. EDIT: realizing this is unfair to Applebee’s. They’re far more efficient than Streamsong.
  4. I built a sim set up in my garage for less than $4000. Mevo+ - $2000 Impact Screen - $179 Impact Screen Frame (conduit and fittings) - $90 Moving Blankets for behind the impact screen - $40 Mat (built my own DIY Divot Action) - $75 Projector (Got this as a gift previously so I didn’t actually buy it) - $125 Projector Ceiling Mount - $12 Even with a $500 mat and better projector you could easily come in under $4000.
  5. If you have an iPhone you can also run the e6 or FlightScope software of that and mirror it to a TV if you don’t want to but an iPad or projector.
  6. nice setup What’s your ceiling height?
  7. Meh. A lot of the better kids I played competitive junior golf with as a 11, 12, 13 year old were still the better players at 18.
  8. This guy probably also enjoys watching celebrity pro ams.
  9. Other than the crazy backspin when playing on e6 I haven’t had any issues with the 8’ between unit and ball and 10’ between ball and impact screen. I’ve even tried backing up a foot for an additional foot between ball and screen and didn’t notice much difference.
  10. This. There isn’t even any design needed for a bay if money isn’t an issue. They’ll come with everything needed, pre-designed.
  11. I bought the same screen as you and have a heavy duty moving blanket behind it and it’s really loud. Does the painters tarp quiet it (can’t imagine this being much different than a moving blanket).
  12. Anyone else have any experience with this product? Price point looks considerably lower than what I would anticipate.
  13. Hello, I have a FlightScope Mevo for sale. I have only used this a few times and when not in use have kept in the original box. Works great with an iOS device. I haven’t tried it with any other device. It comes with the charging cord, all but one of the metallic stickers, bag, Mevo unit and original box with user manual. Asking $330 shipped in continental USA.
  14. Anyone know if it matters what launch monitor you have to play online with someone? Could I play online through e6 connect if I have a Mevo+ and my buddy has a Skytrak?
  15. Even if you do order one now you may not get it until mid January with the lead times they were having on back orders.
  16. I did this same exact thing. The only thing that can be annoying is it’s kind of loud when you hit down on it because of the Lexan polycarbonate but other than that it’s as good a cheap alternative as you’ll find IMO.
  17. If the numbers he’s getting are optimal over a large sample size I don’t see why it matters “what the body is doing.”
  18. I ordered my Mevo+ back in middle to late October and was notified today that it will ship end of this week to early next week. So it looks like lead times have been cut considerably from the 12-14 weeks I was told when I ordered it.
  19. What impact screen is that and how are you securing it?
  20. You could get a Dr. J projector if into will be pretty dark in the area. It's not the best quality picture but they are dirt cheap ($100 or so one amazon).
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