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  1. What’s the best public course to play in St. Augustine for a wedding weekend? I’d say most guests would be averse to paying for rounds on either of the World Golf Village courses unless there is some sort of discounted green fees in not seeing anywhere. 

  2. I’d play Lakewood National Commander (and Piper) course 3 or 4 times over one round at any of the Streamsong courses for the rates Streamsong is charging now in addition to caddy fees and having to walk.  

  3. On 11/7/2020 at 9:15 AM, ND2005 said:

    I've heard the service and F&B have been huge issues post-Covid. 


    They were basically shut down all summer (1 of 3 courses open and hotel not open) and they furloughed a large percentage of their staff. Now that they've reopened they haven't been able to get everyone back. 


    So now they are operating with a smaller crew while simultaneously training new employees, and still dealing with covid issues. 


    It was terrible prior to COVID. They’ve trying to operate and charge you for a 5 star resort and service with Motel 6 staff and Applebees managers. 


    EDIT: realizing this is unfair to Applebee’s. They’re far more efficient than Streamsong. 

  4. 9 hours ago, RCrane said:

    Ive been watching a bunch of YouTube videos looking at people’s set ups. Thinking I can do it for about 4000. Not sure yet 

    I built a sim set up in my garage for less than $4000. 

    Mevo+ - $2000

    Impact Screen - $179

    Impact Screen Frame (conduit and fittings) - $90

    Moving Blankets for behind the impact screen - $40

    Mat (built my own DIY Divot Action) - $75

    Projector (Got this as a gift previously so I didn’t actually buy it) - $125

    Projector Ceiling Mount - $12


    Even with a $500 mat and better projector you could easily come in under $4000. 


  5. 1 hour ago, golfer929 said:

    It was fun to watch. Kid has a good swing. It’s just meant to be a fun parent-child event lol. Golf media obviously hyped it and Charlie up way too much but that’s their job! Is he the best 11 year old ever? No. Do we need to constantly remind everyone in this thread that your child is better, would “beat him like a drum”, and that he is average at best in South Florida? No. You guys sound just like the golf media talking about the kids game, except it just comes off as jealously that he gets the coverage and your kid doesn’t. Who cares who is better than who at 11-12-13 years old. Come talk when they are 18+

    Meh. A lot of the better kids I played competitive junior golf with as a 11, 12, 13 year old were still the better players at 18. 

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  6. 18 hours ago, dlygrisse said:

    All of you golf dads are really something, no one cares at this point if your kid is better than Charlie, it was fun watching Tiger play with his son, just because he is Tiger.  That being said, it will be several years before we know if your children, or children of your friends, or if CW is going to be a world class player, success or the lack of domination really don't mean a lot till they are in their 20's.  Lots of great juniors burned out or were injured  before they cashed in.  I'd keep putting money in the 401K if I were you.  


    This junior golf thing seems like the worst thing to ever happen to kids playing golf, just by listening to the parents.  


    It all comes down to "want to" in the end, TW was great because he had talent and he wanted it more than anyone, he worked his butt off and was hyper focused, because he wanted to be.  

    This guy probably also enjoys watching celebrity pro ams. 

  7. Hello, I have a FlightScope Mevo for sale. I have only used this a few times and when not in use have kept in the original box. Works great with an iOS device. I haven’t tried it with any other device. It comes with the charging cord, all but one of the metallic stickers, bag, Mevo unit and original box with user manual. Asking $330 shipped in continental USA. 








  8. On 6/21/2018 at 12:50 PM, Rohlio said:


    Here is how I made mine:


    1. went to local synthetic turf store asked for a 12"X24" rem of their fairway hitting turf...they gave it to me for free

    2. Went to home depot and bought the following:

    • 1 Sheet of 12X24" Lexan - $15
    • 1 tube of silicone adhesive - $2
    • 1 4' strip of weatherstripping tape 1/2" - $2
    • 1 stip of airconditioner insulating foam (open cell foam) - $1.29
    • one piece of 2X2 exterior plywood 1/8"



    • Use the lexan to template the cut out of the bottom of your mat and cut out with box knife
    • glue the turf to the lexan
    • glue a strip horizontally across the front and back of the lexan of the weatherstripping foam tape
    • glue the fluted foam strip along the long edge of the lexan
    • glue a few small pieces of the foam 2"diameter in the front and back mid section of the lexan
    • Glue the foam down to the plywood
    • Insert into the hole you cut in your mat


    Enjoy pain free practice.



    I did this same exact thing. The only thing that can be annoying is it’s kind of loud when you hit down on it because of the Lexan polycarbonate but other than that it’s as good a cheap alternative as you’ll find IMO. 

  9. 22 hours ago, Stuart_G said:

    Good swings can produce bad numbers and bad (faulty) swings can produce good numbers.   Numbers can tell you where there might be issues but they wont tell you anything about why the numbers are what they are.   It's always best to focus on what the body is doing (not the ball) when working on swing improvements and planing a course of improvements.  Only then should the monitor be used to check the progress of the changes - but only after the progress is validated visually with swing videos.


    It's way to easy to get overly focused on the numbers instead of what the body is doing.


    If the numbers he’s getting are optimal over a large sample size I don’t see why it matters “what the body is doing.”

  10. On 10/21/2020 at 9:17 PM, Yrrdead said:

    I used a 10x10 from these guys and projected onto it, was it the best? No. But I got it onsale during BlackFriday/CyberMonday event and for a net it has been awesome, for a screen I would rate it as okay. I doubt you can find a better value impact panel.




    Like others are mentioning you can get a way with a sub par projector and impact net by having a pretty dark room. 

    Can you Project on to that?

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