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  1. Joists support the roof. He's not going to be hitting shots straight up and ricocheting at him unless his garage is really long and he's like 20 feet from his net and even then that would be an extreme launch angle to hit a joist. My netting hangs down from a 10' ceiling OP and its a 12' net so there's about 2-2.5' feet actually laying on the floor after accounting for the hooks it hangs from in the ceiling.
  2. I have 18.5’. If I have 8’ between unit and tee and 9’ of flight is that enough to get accurate reading?
  3. PM me when you decide. I’ll take the one you don’t like off your hands.
  4. I was pretty excited to see GG seems to have gotten a new shipment of the Jordan ADG 2s. I have been looking for a pair of the white/blue and finally was able to find some at GG today. Wish I could have gotten the white ADGs as well.
  5. Anyone know what bag UF has this year? Looks like TM FlexTech or FlexTech Lite maybe?
  6. What kind of initiation fee/dues are there at Founders, Laurel Oak, Sara Bay, Lakewood Ranch CC and TPC for someone under 35?
  7. Does anyone have any success with DIY impact screen? I use my iPad rather than a projector so my impact screen doesn’t have to look good. I have a net but anything with a ball speed over like 120 hits the wall behind and I don’t have room to move it out.
  8. If you want to play golf then don’t move to Tampa or St. Pete. The only thing worse than the golf here are the schools for your children. I’d avoid it.
  9. Give me your top 5 private clubs in the Sarasota area (North Port up to Apollo Beach/Ruskin; also, Concession can be omitted as it’s a given and unrealistic to join).
  10. Is there anywhere I can find what length an uninstalled raw shaft will play in a club head? For example if I have a 41” shaft and a M4 head how can I determine what length this shaft will play in it? There is no adapter with this club.
  11. They don’t apply toward anything though unless it’s clothes or used clubs in my experience.
  12. Why do the announcers keep complimenting Rahms “temperament.” Of course he’s not slamming and throwing clubs when he’s shooting 64s on Sunday.
  13. Exactly. Came here just to post something almost identical to this post. The dynamics change. Maybe rahm plays the remaining holes differently not trying to make up for that lost shot. They keep saying it and it’s standard for dumb sports announcers but actually you can’t just look back at that and say “if not for that then Rahm already won.”
  14. Anyone now who Billy Horschels bag sponsor is? It looks like Tradewinds Resort?? I know he was going with the blank bags for the last few weeks without a sponsor.
  15. I sure hope it’s not that long. I just ordered a new Sim driver and traded my old driver and backup in for it. I really don’t want to be on my 3rd string i20 for a month+....
  16. The Sim MAX is the best driver I've ever hit. So to your OP....no.
  17. I thought PGA SuperStore and Golf Galaxy were big box stores.... Yes, it would be a PGA Superstore.
  18. I am in the market to purchase a new driver. However, if I like the SIM or Mavrik I would probably buy elsewhere. If I like the G410 or G400 MAX and that's what I go with I would probably just buy it from them. I really would just like to take those 4 or 5 clubs and hit them without being fitted or anything. I have been playing the G LS TEC and nothing I have hit in the last 3 years has been anything that would kick that driver out of the bag. I already know my general specs and the numbers I should be at when I am swinging good (I have a launch monitor and bay in my garage so definitely w
  19. Is it poor etiquette to go to a Big Box store and hit clubs in the simulator without any intention of buying anything?
  20. Bryson still using a foresight sports launch monitor I see. Isn’t flightscope paying him to be their spokesman?
  21. It's alright. I am sure there is a commercial to shoot on his day off today.
  22. Looked to me like he was using a Foresight GC2 on the range. Isn’t he a spokesman for Flightscope and he doesn’t even use their product??
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