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  1. How much room behind and in front (if I’m hitting into a net) do you need for the Swing Caddie?
  2. Then you must be stunned to see them already at NASCAR events and Korean baseball games.
  3. Really wish they never moved this tournament from Firestone CC. That is a great golf course. Memphis not so much.
  4. Sorry I am not too familiar with who that is. What club and who is Dan?
  5. This thread has been pretty dead. Is Streamsong even open? Last I checked it looked like the Blue and Red weren’t even taking tee times and to play the Black you had to either have 2 or 4? Are singles and threesomes no longer welcome here?
  6. Does anyone have a recommendation for anyone in the Tampa Bay Area? I was around a 4-5 handicap a few years back and have really lost my swing. I’d just be interested in a few ,seasons to get me back on track and would like to go to someone that is respected in the area. Thanks.
  7. > @"Darth Putter" said: > Tony Romo's 70 beat his PGA Tour fellow competitors by four and six shots. > His over/ under for the round was 78.5 and he was 50,000-1 to win. > If he makes the cut, **_Boomer Esiason will replace him in the booth Sunday for the Bears/ Vikings game. _** That makes me have to root against him making the cut then...
  8. > @SirFuego said: > > @CaymanS said: > > Koepka and Day missed the cut in a weak field. > Looks like Cameron Davis tripled the last hole, which caused him to not only miss the cut, but also move the cut line to -3. So Day and Koepka both made the cut. Yeah, absolutely brutal. Not sure what happened around the green as he was in a greenside bunker in 2 and then proceeded to hit his 4th shot 9 inches among other oddities. The 16 or 17 guys though that are now playing the weekend are happy about it.
  9. @Rcush said: > I’ll send you guys my numbers with my Bp’s and a 8 vs 8 in s55 today and tell me if you think so need to get lower weighted shafts to get the ball up higher to increase the landing angle and backspin. I currently hav > > e pw-5 awt matte 2.0 stiff I think they are 104 gram weighted. The s55 is a cfs stiff > No offense but you shouldn't be playing either of these sets regardless of what shaft you have in them...
  10. > @anth said: > It’s a crap comment. It feeds in to antiquated concepts of not being able to tell Asians apart “because they all look the same”. The game is dominated by Korean women that’s true. Not being able to tell them apart is lazy for someone who has a **** radio show about golf! Either do the research or shut up about it. Comments like this are just massively disrespectful. > > And while we’re at it can we just stop the whining about how the Asians are “taking over the Tour?” If you want to be universally recognised as the best Tour in the world you have to allow
  11. > @jonsnow said: > > @bscinstnct said: > > > > > > https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/christinebrennan/2019/05/18/pga-championship-bethpage-black-fans/3724698002/ > > > > Opinion: PGA's raucous crowds at Bethpage Black far more fun than prim, proper Augusta > > > > Cheering a bad shot in golf? Oh, the horror. Golfers are so sheltered from big-time sports reality that they often have trouble dealing with one pithy comment and demand the perpetrator’s ejection. Someday these pampered souls should try wearing a Michigan jersey in C
  12. > Imagine the biggest d***** from your high school class. Now imagine putting 20,000 of him on a golf course at once. Boom! You got yourself a **_NEW YORK SPORTING _**event. fyp
  13. > @buckeyefl said: > > @ilikegolf26 said: > > Nah, maybe give them like 5 spots. No reason for 20 of these guys to show up, shoot a couple 76s and then go back to selling sleeves of ProVs and trying to bag member Mrs. Jones by the weekend. > > The ignorance of some people is always impressive. Ignorant (not sure you are even using the word correctly here) or the truth? 3 out of 20 "club pros" making the cut this week was the most since 2006! And Marty Jertson is not an actual club pro, he is VP of Design for Ping. Only 1 made the cut last year, 1 made the cut t
  14. > @legitimategolf said: > If anything, there should be more PGA pro's in the field! Fill it up! As someone else pointed out, the PGA Tour has their own tournament, the Players Championship. Why should they get so many spots in the PGA of A's own tournament? What have they done to bring new people into the game? etc. > > They could put like 70 PGA pros in the PGA Championship and it would still be a stronger field than the Masters! Uhhhh, Tiger alone has brought more “new people into the game” than all 20 club pros that started in this field.
  15. Nah, maybe give them like 5 spots. No reason for 20 of these guys to show up, shoot a couple 76s and then go back to selling sleeves of ProVs and trying to bag member Mrs. Jones by the weekend.
  16. > @bubbagump said: > > @bladehunter said: > > Pretty big majority here would agree that the behavior is not wanted. Simple as that. > > Thats cool, but the "majority" on a golf forum means nothing in the grand scheme of this. I have no problem with marshall's tossing folks who are ridiculous and deserving of so, however it just sounds as the stuffy crowd seems to think that anybody that isn't viewing the way they would, its not wanted or wrong. Some comments in this thread come off as very closed minded: So what if people want to get a video of Tiger teeing off,
  17. It’s the same thing with the cesspool that is New York. One idiot yells something then about 10 or 12 equally idiotic Neanderthals need to try and one up him and yell it louder. No creativity, no knowledge of the game. Just try to have everyone hear them.
  18. Why are you surprised? You said you’re from Long Island. These are your people.
  19. > @bladehunter said: > Just saw 4 asshats wearing tiger mugshot shirts. > > Is it just me ? Or does it take a real piece of trash to taunt another human like that ? I detest the worst in humans. Welcome to Long Island, New York.
  20. Tough start to the golf medias and self-proclaimed “smartest man alive’s” round today. Back to back doubles. Ouch. Guess more Coefficient of restitution is needed.
  21. > @ZAP said: > > @Krt22 said: > > I wish the whole notion of signatures being of any real value would go away. > > Never really understood why a signature had value. For the same reason anything has value....because someone is willing to pay for it.
  22. > @JStang said: > I am partial to the west coast because of the beaches and absolutely love living in St Pete. I moved from Ohio in 2007 as a 23 year old. I now have a 3 year old and 1 year old. Public schools are not the best but that's Florida in general. The way I look at it is the money you are saving not having to pay state taxes is going toward a good private education. I will say that St Pete is pretty weak as far as public golf courses are concerned **but there are a few private clubs that are nice and reasonable as far as private clubs are concerned.** You wouldn't be disappoin
  23. Does anyone know if there is any way to get team issued hats (particularly University of Florida) from Nike? I can't find any hats with the swinging Florida Gator and have looked everywhere (pro shop of the university course, bookstores on campus, etc.).
  24. > @Joker91 said: > It would be great to watch the leaders keep scoring well. If only there were some way to highlight certain groups on a free website that had exclusive streaming rights to the tournament. I have seen every single one of Phil's shots today.
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