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  1. That’s what you’re not getting. For a FLORIDA RESIDENT Streamsong is not a destination course. I’m not even really sure it is for non-residents. You keep throwing out actual destination golf courses/experiences like Pebble. There’s a little more to do and see in Carmel, CA than bumfuck-nowhere, FL. There is no longer a summer rate at Streamsong like they used to have which was my previous point on this thread and another thread specifically on the topic. The whole “golf should be played waking” mentally is what’s killing the game. No one my age wants to spend 4.5 hours walking. They want
  2. OK? I have no desire to play Pebble either because I believe it’s extremely overpriced. I have a far better experience in a cart for $199 flat fee for the summer season + $39 every time I play at Old Corkscrew than walking Streamsong with a bunch of guys I don’t know. No one I know would walk 18 holes in Florida especially in the summer. So for me that doesn’t want to walk 18 holes, which I believe requires you to tee off before a certain time without a caddie, Streamsong is effectively ~ $240-$250, not $120.
  3. Then back the cart fee and forecaddie fee out of the other courses you listed because carts are included in those prices. If you take a cart a caddy isn’t required there so effectively they are, what, $85-120 cheaper than Streamsong for those that don’t want to walk?
  4. I would say several of those are overpriced as well. Yes, $120+cart+caddie+awful drive is overpriced. $120 is not the actual cost of a round of golf at streamsong. They need to do away with the fore caddie rule. I really don’t need or want someone helping me read putts and I’ve played the courses before so I don’t need them telling me my lines off each tee.
  5. ilikegolf26

    Tampa Trip

    You probably picked the worst city in Florida for golf.... I think World Woods would be your best bet. They were offering good rates in the afternoon and they have two courses.
  6. That’s up from the $85 it used to be. Good job Streamsong pricing out FL residents that made you! The entire place is overpriced considering the awful drive to get there and nothing around it.
  7. Taylormade really doesn’t make the p790 UDI for lefties?
  8. My favorite place on the course to sit and watch would be the mound between 11 green and 8 tee. You can watch them play the entire 11th, hit tee shots on 8 and putt on 7.
  9. I don't know if I agree it's one of the greatest courses in the world but I do agree it's a complete joke to move this tournament away from Firestone and to Memphis. Hopefully Firestone can get a PGA, FedEx Cup event or tournament in June or July.
  10. The polyester dri fit Nike ones get crusty and shrink. The Ping and new Titleist ones with their "performance fabrics" also get crusty. It's the same for any Nike mesh back ones. Visors are the best for me but with thinner hair and playing in the Florida sun the top of my head burns easily.
  11. I have gone through too many hats to count. After a few rounds and a lot of sweat they get crusty and shrink where they aren’t even comfortable to wear anymore. If I wash them they usually shrink enough where I can’t wear them anymore too. The only hat I’ve had success with is the older Titleist flex fit mesh back ones from around 5-6 years ago but since they changed the material those are the same for me now. Any suggestions on hats for a sweater?
  12. ilikegolf26

    Tampa Area

    St. Pete Country Club is not nice. I wouldn't play out there unless it's dirt cheap and it's a late in the afternoon/evening warmup round when you first get in.
  13. Golf in Tampa and St. Pete is HORRIBLE.
  14. I will check on Lely. I live up in Cape Coral and work in Estero so I was kinda of looking for some options between there as well. Thanks
  15. ilikegolf26

    Naples, FL

    I am looking at doing a summer membership at Old Corkscrew and then one other course in the area. Either Club at Grandezza or The Club at Gateway. Does anyone have any experience at the Club at Gateway and could provide some input? Thanks
  16. Dubsdread? How does that course get in there amongst the others you mentioned?
  17. Watched this. It was the worst golf related thing I have ever watched in my entire life. I don't understand how anyone could possibly like this show.
  18. Yeah, that's where I am thinking. The only drawback is there are no range privileges for summer members. Anyone have any input on The Club at Grandezza? What a joke, that range has plenty of facility and they bar you! I was told you can only use the range on days that you are playing. Their summer deal is $199 and then $29.99 (cart included) every time you come out. That's a great deal but I tend to usually only play once or twice a week and hit balls 2-3 times so it really would suck that having range privileges. This came from the membership director though so I am sure once I a
  19. Yeah, that's where I am thinking. The only drawback is there are no range privileges for summer members. Anyone have any input on The Club at Grandezza?
  20. Hello, does anyone know what courses from North Naples up to Cape Coral and everything in between offer summer memberships and are worth it? I am not looking for something that breaks the bank (maybe $1500 total for the entire summer, May-October) and want a championship caliber course (at least 6900-7000 yards from the tips). Thanks.
  21. florida resident fee doesn't come into effect until june-2nd week of september. Yeah, I get that from past years but they don’t even have it on their website anymore. It just has a “non-guest” and “guest” rate.
  22. How could a city where you can only play golf like 4-5 months out of the year be one of the best golf towns in the country?
  23. Is the Florida resident fee no longer being offered out there?
  24. That’s Bubba the Love Spounge who was a local radio guy in the Tampa area. He also is the one that recorded Hulk Hogan banging his wife.
  25. Probably nothing considering he had played with him 5 times before and Jordan beat him all 5 times by an average of 5 strokes a round. How many of those rounds was Tiger fully healthy for though? I don't know. Is Tiger only considered "healthy" when he's posting good scores now?
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